bladder cancer claim

Bladder Cancer Claim: UK solicitor sets out the chemicals that cause bladder cancer and the amount of compensation you can claim

Bladder cancer claim: discover how bladder cancer can be caused from chemical exposure in the workplace; how long you have to make a bladder cancer claim; the types of job which can lead to hazardous chemical exposure; the average compensation amounts you can claim with free online solicitor assistance facility.

What are the causes of a bladder cancer claim?

Bladder cancer can be caused by exposure to chemicals from the work environment and from habits such as smoking.

bladder cancer claim

Bladder Cancer Claim

When inhaled or ingested – harmful chemicals pass into your bloodstream, which in turn are filtered out by the kidneys and end up in your urine as waste products. As your bladder fills with urine, the harmful chemicals come into contact with your bladder lining – it is the bladder lining which is at risk of developing cancer.

If you suffer bladder cancer as a result of work exposure it is quite likely you will have a bladder cancer claim for compensation for both your pain and suffering and any direct financial losses you might experience, such as: lost income, medical expenses, care in the home, etc.

How long do you have to commence a bladder cancer claim?

Bladder cancer can take many years to develop after your initial exposure to harmful chemicals at work.

You have three years from date of injury or date of knowledge of injury to commence a claim in the UK courts. Typically – you will have no knowledge that you have cancer until you are diagnosed and so generally you have three years from the date of diagnosis of cancer to commence a bladder cancer claim at court.

What type of employment could have exposed you to harmful chemicals which can cause bladder cancer?

There are primarily two types of chemical which can cause bladder cancer known as Arylamines and Polycyclic Hydrocarbons.

1. Historic exposure to Arylamines

Exposure to Arylamines was commonplace in the manufacturing industries for rubber and plastic. It has now been banned in the UK due to the dangers it poses to workers.

If you worked in the rubber or plastic industry – it is still possible that you could develop bladder cancer and if you do it is quite likely you can make a bladder cancer claim.

2. Polycyclic Hydrocarbons workplace exposure

If you worked in an industry involving the processing of crude oil or carbon (including jobs involving smelting or combustion) it is likely that you will have been exposed to Polycyclic Hydrocarbons and so be at risk of developing bladder cancer.

Certain trades are known to have led to exposure to harmful chemicals, which include: blacksmiths, bus drivers, taxi drivers, metal casters, machine operators, hairdressers, mechanics, leather workers, painters. miners, forgers, dye casters, etc.

What are the average compensation amounts you can expect for bladder cancer claims?

To determine the amount of compensation your bladder claim is worth factors need to be considered: such as: reduction in life expectancy; the extent of painful symptoms; the stress from the knowledge of living with cancer and the prognosis for deterioration in bladder function.

In general the amount of average compensation for pain and suffering for bladder cancer calculated in 2018 is between: £20,000 – £161,500

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