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Bladder Injury Claim: Compensation Payouts Calculator For All Types Of Bladder Damage

In this article we set out what a bladder injury claim is; how bladder function can be damaged by trauma, prolapse and medical error; we provide both a quick reference claim payout guide and detailed examples of all manner of bladder injuries with corresponding compensation amounts calculated for each.

Table Of Bladder Injury Claim Payouts In 2023

The types of compensation your can claim for bladder injuries fall primarily into two parts – pain and suffering plus financial loss and expense.

Our quick reference payouts table, sets out in brief the amounts you can claim for pain and suffering for different severities of bladder injury, loss of control and function.

Read on – more details of each category of bladder damage are set out later in this article.

Bladder InjuryClaim Payout
Interference with bladder function
£23,500 – £31,500
Urinary incontinence
£64,000 – £80,000
Complete loss of bladder control
£80,000 – £141,000
Double incontinence
(Bladder and Bowel)
Up to £184,000

What is a bladder injury claim?

If your suffer bladder damage as a result of negligence and/or breach of statutory duty of another – you will be able to make a bladder injury claim for monetary compensation for your pain and suffering from the bladder injury itself and the financial loss and expense you experience as a direct result of your injury

Watch out – the burden of proof is on you to prove legal fault, so you it is important you speak wit ha personal injury solicitor as soon as possible to help you gather the necessary evidence and help you make your compensation claim.

What are typical types of bladder damage claim?

Road accidents

High speed road accidents – such as high speed car crashes or motorbike accidents, can cause a trauma injury to your bladder. If this is caused by driver error in the vehicle you are travelling in or as a result of another vehicle, you will likely have a claim.

Work injury

Excessive heavy lifting at work can often cause a bladder prolapse injury. Your employer should ensure your safety at work and as such you would likely have a work injury claim.

Medical negligence

Surgical error may inadvertently result in bladder injuries. Should this occur you would likley have a claim for compensation from the NHS hospital trust.

What types of injury can your bladder experience?

The bladder is the essential organ in your pelvic region used to store urine. The bladder has effectively a one way valve system allowing urine to enter and fill – as the bladder fills it becomes distended.

Traumatic bladder injury

A distended or full bladder is more prone to injury in a trauma with a blunt or sharp object, such as in a high velocity impact as in a car accident.

Traumatic injury could include a serious injury, such as a ruptured bladder.

Causes of traumatic bladder injury

Some causes of traumatic bladder injury include: car crashes; a severe fall from a height (for instance, fall off a ladder at work) or a blow to the abdominal area as in a motorcycle accident.

Other causes may include medical procedures that do not go as planned, such as during pelvic surgery.

Ruptured bladder and failure

The longer the rupture remains untreated the more dangerous the condition you might experience – bladder failure is a realistic possibility.

A ruptured bladder can be remedied by surgery.

bladder injury claim
Bladder Urinary Incontinence Injury Claim

Prolapsed bladder

Women (especially older women) are prone to a problem known as a prolapsed bladder. The front wall of your vagina provides support to the bladder. This wall can weaken with extreme exertion or stress such as heavy lifting at work or natural causes, such as childbirth. If the weakening is significant the bladder may no longer be supported and can drop into the vagina – this is known as a prolapse.

Severity of bladder prolapse

Bladder prolapses are graded 1 to 4. The higher the grade the worse the prolapse and the more your bladder injury clam is likely to be worth. A grade 1 is the mildest form of all in which a small part of your bladder drops into your vagina; a grade 4 is the most extreme in which the whole of your bladder drops into your vagina.

Causes of prolapsed bladder

A prolapsed bladder can be caused through clinical negligence (especially during childbirth or operations) and through extreme exertions (such as heavy lifting at work).

Symptoms of bladder prolapse

If you suffer from a prolapsed bladder you might experience symptoms, such as problems urinating; incontinence (bladder leakage) when coughing or sneezing; lower back and pelvic pain or pain during sexual intercourse.

How much are average compensation payouts for bladder injury claims?

Some examples of the amount of compensation you can claim for pain and suffering caused by bladder injuries (claim settling in 2023), include:

Less serious loss of bladder function

If you have fully recovered, but you suffered interference with your bladder function lasting for some time you can expect a compensation calculation of between £23,500 – £31,500.

Moderate bladder damage

If you experience more serious damage to your bladder with continued urinary incontinence or pain when urinating – the average bladder claim payout you can expect is between £64,000 – £80,000.

Serious bladder injury

If you suffer total failure and complete loss of bladder control – your compensation payout is likely to be calculated between £80,000 – £141,000.

Severe bladder damage and bowel function damage

The largest compensation awards for bladder damage will include damage to your bowel function also. Double incontinence encompasses total loss of both bowel and bladder function and will lead to a compensation payout of up to £184,000.


In this article we have described the different ways you can suffer bladder damage – from accidents to surgical error together with the amounts of compensation you can claim for each type of injury from temporary loss of bladder function to the most severe double incontinence claims.

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