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Broken Toe Claim: Compensation amounts for toe injuries in UK accidents

Broken toe claim calculator: Find out the bones that make up your toes, the common types of UK accidents that can cause toe injuries and see examples of compensation amounts for a broken toe claim from the minor to the most serious amputation.

What are the bones that can be injured in a broken toe claim?

Your foot is a very similar structure to that of your hand and your toes made up of similar bones to that which make up your hand. The big or great toe having a similar structure to that of the thumb on the hand.

The reason that the hand and foot are so similar is down to evolution – both the hands and feet were once used for gripping branches of trees so the structure had to be similar. As we evolved to stand erect – the feet became primarily used to walk on and the hands for gripping and using tools.

Each toe is made up of three bones known as phalange bones. Working from the knuckle of the foot – they are known as the proximal phalange (from the knuckle to the first joint), the middle phalange (from the first to second joint on the toe) and the distal phalange (from the second joint to the end of the toe – housing the toe nail).

The big toe has two bones – the proximal and distal phalange.

Remember – in addition to bones that can be fractured your toes have various tendons, ligaments and muscles which can be injured in an accident.

To see the page I have written describing the amounts of compensation you can claim for injuries to the rest of the foot – click foot injury claim.

What are the names of the toes that can be injured in an accident

The toes are named in order from the big toe as follows: the great toe (or big toe), the second toe, the third toe, the fourth toe and the fifth toe (or little toe).

Broken toe claim

Broken Toe Claim

What are the common types of UK accident that can lead to a broken toe claim?

Your feet and toes can be injured in many different types of accident and so long as someone is considered “legally at fault” or “legally responsible” for your accident you should be entitled to claim compensation.

Some common types of accident that can give rise to a broken toe claim, include:

1. Car accident toe injury claims

High speed collisions can result in many different injuries – a common one in car accidents are injuries to the feet and toes. The force of a crash can slam your feet into the pedals causing broken bones in the foot and toe.

2. Motorcycle RTA’s

If a motorcyclist is thrown to the floor in a RTA – broken bones regretfully are common place especially injuries to the exposed outer limbs, such as the feet and hands.

3. Work injury broken toe claim

Manual handling and use of work machines are tow examples of ways in which your foot and toe can be injured. Heavy objects falling on the toe can lead to traumatic crush fractures and broken toe claims.

4. Sporting injuries

Whether it be playing football, rugby or many other sports – the toe all too often can be injured.

Examples of compensation amounts for toe injury claims

How much compensation you are entitled to for your broken toe claim can be split into two parts: the pain and suffering for the injury itself and the financial losses which flow directly from the injury – such as lost income, help in the home, travel expenses, medical expense, etc.

The examples I give below relate to the pain and suffering for your toe injury itself – for claims concluding in 2020 (the figures are approximate and your injuries would need to be verified by an independent medical expert instructed by your solicitor).

1. Simple fractures and strains

Toe injuries, which involve sprains or simple toe fractures with recovery within 6 months. You could expect a compensation settlement of: Up to £4,900

2. Fractures of the toes with ongoing symptoms average claim payouts

A broken toe claim, with one or more toe fractures which takes longer than 6 months to heal with relatively minor ongoing pain symptoms – average claim payouts are likely to be:£4,900 – £8,400

3. Crush fractures to the big toe settlement calculations

Crush fractures to the great toe which has resulted in the need for operations, with ongoing significant symptoms of pain and suffering – your broken toe claim will be calculated between: £8,400 – £18,500

4. Amputation of the big toe and other toes

In the worst type of broken toe claim – your great toe might have to be amputated and sometime all the toes are lost. In this type of injury the average compensation payout amount your claim will be calculated at is likely to be: £32,000 – £49,000

Summary Of Compensation Amounts For A Broken Toe Claim

On this page you have seen the bones that make up your toes and how much compensation a broken toe claim is worth following a UK accident.

Click fractured toe compensation claim to access my website’s free online legal help and have the amount of compensation your broken toe claim is worth assessed by a specialist accident claim solicitor.