Coccyx Fracture Claim

Coccyx Fracture Claim: Specialist solicitor gives examples of average compensation payout calculations for coccyx injury claims

Coccyx fracture claim: UK solicitor explains what the coccyx is; the types of compensation you can claim when you have suffered a coccyx injury in an accident; how your solicitor calculates the average compensation your coccyx fracture claim is worth with examples of compensation amounts; access to online specialist solicitor free help with your compensation claim.

What is a coccyx fracture claim?

The coccyx is the known as the tailbone. It is so named as it is the evolutionary product of what was a tail in our ancestors.

The coccyx is the bottom end of the spinal column and is made from vertebrae, which start to fuse between the age of 16 – 18 years and form one bone by the time you are 34 years of age. The last vertebrae of your spine attaches to your sacrum (the triangular bone wedged between your hips) which in turn attaches to your coccyx.

As your coccyx does not have your spinal cord passing through it – the vertebra is not hollow as other spinal vertebrae are.

Many types of accident can cause injury to your coccyx including falls on the buttocks, car and motorcycle accidents and work injuries.

The coccyx is very sensitive due to the number of nerves and ligaments attaching to it and lack of padding.Injury can be extremely painful. When a fracture or broken coccyx occurs in an accident you might be entitled to a coccyx fracture claim for compensation from the person considered legally at fault for your coccyx injury.

What types of compensation can your coccyx fracture claim settlement include?

There are primarily two types of compensation which can be included in your coccyx fracture claim, which include:

Coccyx Fracture Claim

Coccyx Fracture Claim

1. Pain, suffering and loss of amenity for a coccyx fracture claim

Pain and suffering is determined by an independent expert medical report obtained by your solicitor typically from an orthopaedic medical expert. In that report the medical expert will describe the exact nature of your coccyx injury, whether it is just bruising or an actual fracture.

The expert will give a prognosis setting out what symptoms you are likely to experience into the future, including a time estimate for complete recovery or alternatively whether you are likely to be left with a permanent disability and restricted movement.

Based upon this medical report your solicitor will calculate the average payout for your coccyx fracture claim settlement by comparing case law for similar injuries decided by the courts in the past and guidance given by the courts in the Judicial Studies Board guidelines.

2. Financial losses and expenses

In addition to pain and suffering you are entitled to financial losses and expenses suffered as a direct result of your accident, including: lost income (both past and future), disadvantage on the open labour market (a sum to compensate for the risk that should you lose your job that you will be less likely to find a employment compared with another individual who has not suffered a coccyx fracture injury).

How much are average compensation payout settlements likely to be for your coccyx injury and fracture claim?

Some examples of average payouts in 2020 for coccyx injury claims, include:

1. Settlement amounts for minor injury to your coccyx

If you suffer minor injury to your coccyx which does not include a fracture and includes soft tissue injuries with symptoms lasting a few weeks up to a few months – average compensation payouts are likely to be calculated at: up to £2,200

2. Compensation payout amounts for a coccyx fracture claim

When you suffer a more severe injury including ligament damage or a broken coccyx bone with symptoms lasting up to two years – the average claim payout you will receive will be calculated between: £2,200 – £6,900

3. Claim settlements for moderate coccyx fracture claims

If your fractured coccyx results in symptoms for up to five years or you have degenerative problems accelerated (brought forward) or exacerbated (made worse) for a extended period of time the calculation of your coccyx fracture claim amount is likely to be between: £6,900 – £24,000

Free online specialist solicitor help in determining how much your coccyx fracture claim is worth

In this article you have seen how a solicitor calculates how much a coccyx fracture claim is worth with examples of average payouts for coccyx injury.

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