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Dental Claim: The amounts of UK compensation you can claim for injury to your teeth and jaw in an accident or from dental negligence

Dental claim: Discover what a dental claim is, the most common types of accident and negligence that can cause injury to your teeth, how much compensation you can claim for damage to your teeth and jaw with free online specialist solicitor compensation calculator..

What is a UK dental claim?

A UK dental claim is a claim for compensation for injury to your teeth, roots, gums or jaw as a result of an accident or due to some form of dental negligence.

dental claim

Dental Claim

Both an accident or dental error must be caused by negligence for another person to be responsible for paying you compensation.

Negligence is another way of saying that a person is legally at fault for your injury.

If your dental claim is as a result of a criminal injury – no negligence is required to make a compensation claim. You need only show that a criminal act of violence has occurred as verified by the police

What are the most common types of dental claims?

Injury to your teeth and jaw can be caused in a great number of ways, including:

1. Injured teeth in a road traffic accident

Road traffic accidents involve large forces and many different injuries can occur. Quite often if you are a car driver you will bang your head on the steering wheel and this can lead to broken or damaged teeth and fractured jaws.

2. Dental negligence

As you would expect a dentist removes and treats your gums and teeth. If this treatment is not performed correctly and you teeth are damaged or the wrong tooth is treated – you will be entitled to claim compensation for the problems caused.

3. Slip trip and fall claims

Gravity is a formidable foe and when you fall or slip all too often you can bang your head, smash your teeth and injure your jaw bone.

4. Child accidents

Child accidents take many forms, but some school accidents such as falls off playground equipment can lead to smashed and injured teeth and sometimes result in the need for dental treatment for the rest of a child’s life.

What types of compensation can your dental claim include?

There are two main types of loss you can claim compensation for in a dental claim, including:

1. Pain and Suffering

Did you know that the root of the tooth is the most sensitive nerve in the human body, so the pain that can be caused from injured teeth can be immense.

You are entitled to claim compensation for this pain and suffering, which is known as general damages.

Your solicitor will instruct a dental expert to compile a medical report describing the exact nature of your dental injuries, with a description as to what the future holds for ongoing pain and treatment. This dental report will allow your lawyer to assess exactly how much compensation you would be entitled to claim for pain and suffering.

2. Dental treatment expense and other financial losses

The cost of dental treatment can be immense and this treatment could be necessary for the rest of your life. You are entitled to claim compensation for this expense as well as other financial losses – such as lost income, medical expenses, travel expenses to the hospital or GP.

Examples of how much pain and suffering compensation for dental claims

Some examples of the amounts of compensation your solicitor will claim in 2019 for pain and suffering for injured, damaged or lost teeth and a fractured jaw bone, include:

1. Injured back teeth average claim payouts

If you seriously damage or lose a back tooth (molar or premolar) you can claim an amount per tooth lost calculated at: £950 – £1,500

2. Injured front teeth compensation settlements

Front teeth (canines and incisors) are more visible than back teeth and so damage to them will have a far greater cosmetic effect than damage to your back teeth. As a result of this enhanced cosmetic effect – the amounts of compensation your solicitor can recover for injured front teeth is higher than that for your back. For each front tooth lost you can expect a compensation settlement of approximately: £1,900 – £3,500

3. Two or more front teeth lost of damaged compensation calculator

The pain and suffering for damage or loss of two or more front teeth can result in compensation claim calculator for your UK settlement between: £3,800 – £10,000

4. Fractured Jaw average claim payouts

When you damage your teeth in an accident you will often also fracture your jaw. Fractured jaws can lead to compensation payouts between: £5,500 – £40,000

Free Online Dental Claim Calculator UK

On this page you have seen how much compensation you can expect for the most common UK dental claim including damaged teeth and fractures jaw bones.

I recommend you click dental claim calculator to have me assess the amount of compensation you can expect for your dental claim.