epilepsy accident claim

Epilepsy Accident Claim: UK solicitor sets out the different types of epilepsy a bang to the head can cause with examples of average compensation payout calculations

Epilepsy accident claim: Find out the two types of compensation you can claim for epilepsy; the types of accident that can cause epilepsy; the difference between grand mal and petit mal epileptic seizures; examples of compensation amounts you can claim in the UK for all types of epilepsy accident claim with free specialist lawyer help in calculating the amount of compensation your settlement is worth.

What is an epilepsy accident claim?

If you have been involved in an accident, which involves a bang to the head, and are diagnosed with a condition known as epilepsy resulting from the accident – you might be entitled to an epilepsy accident claim for compensation.

epilepsy accident claim

Epilepsy Accident Claim

You must prove that someone was legally at fault or negligent for your accident.

An epilepsy accident claim has two parts: a claim for your pain and suffering for experiencing having to live with epilepsy and a claim for all your financial losses resulting as s direct result of your accident.

Financial losses might include: lost income, medical expenses, help in the home, travel expenses to the hospital and GP, etc.

What type of accident can cause epilepsy to be developed?

Any accident which involves a bang to your head can cause epilepsy – such as in a car accident, motorcycle accident, trip accident or being struck on the head from a falling object at work.

An impact to your head can cause damage to the brain’s normal function and electrical activity leading to seizures or fits.

Your brain is made up of neurones, which rely on electrical impulses to communicate with each other. An epileptic seizure occurs when these electrical impulses are disrupted so that your brain and body behave in a way that you do not intend.

Are there different types of epilepsy accident claim?

“Yes” – there are primarily two main types of epilepsy accident claim depending on the severity of the seizures or fits experienced due to epilepsy:

1. Grand mal epilepsy accident claim

Grand mal epileptic seizures are the worst type of epileptic fit an accident can cause. Technically this is known as a tonic-clonic seizure.

During a grand mal epileptic seizure you will lose consciousness and can have muscle contractions, which can be violent.

2. Petit mal epilepsy accident claim?

Your accident might cause a lesser type of epileptic seizure, known as “petit mal” or an “absence seizure” so named as you have a staring spell (or absence of mind) for a short period typically less than 15 seconds.

Average settlement payouts for an epilepsy accident claim

The amount of compensation you can claim is calculated depending on the type of epilepsy you suffer from, whether the condition is permanent or temporary and the effect it has on your working or social life.

Examples of the how much compensation your epilepsy accident claim could be worth in 2018, include:

1. Permanent grand mal epilepsy claim average payouts

Grand mal epileptic seizures with a permanent risk of recurrence will lead to compensation settlements calculated between: £89,000 – £132,000

2. Permanent petit mal epilepsy settlement amounts

Petit mal can cause major disruptions to your life, but can be controlled with medication. How much compensation you are entitled to depends on the effect of medication has on your appreciation of life, how the epilepsy affects your working and social life and whether you have behavioural problems as a result of your epileptic condition.

Generally speaking average payouts for petit mal epilepsy accident claims are calculated between: £48,000 – £115,000

3. One to two epileptic seizures or a temporary resurgence of epilepsy

If the epilepsy caused as a result of your accident lead to a couple of epileptic fits or lead to pre-existing epilepsy, which had been controlled, returning for a temporary period only – you can expect average payout amounts between: £9,000 – £23,000

Free legal help in calculating the amount of compensation your epilepsy accident claim is worth

On this page you have seen how a solicitor calculates the amount of compensation your epilepsy accident claim is worth – with examples of compensation payouts for each type of permanent and temporary epileptic condition.

if you would like to speak to me in person to calculate compensation amounts for your epilepsy accident claim or wish to commence a claim online with a specialist solicitor click epilepsy accident claim.