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Facial Scarring Compensation: The amounts of compensation you can claim for scars to the face causing minor to severe disfigurement in the UK

Facial scarring compensation: Find out the types of accident which can lead to facial scarring compensation claims, how your solicitor calculates the amount of compensation you can claim, what effect your gender and age have on your compensation payments with examples of facial disfigurement average compensation payouts for both men and women.

What type of accident can give rise to a UK facial scarring compensation claim?

There are many different types of accident which can cause a scar to the face and disfigurement. The person responsible in law for the accident will be responsible for paying your facial scarring compensation.

Each type of accident has a different procedure for claiming compensation, some examples with links to a page I have written explaining the claims process include:

1. Road traffic accident causing facial disfigurement

A RTA such as a car accident or motorcycle collision can cause many different types of injury including minor and severe facial scarring.

Click road traffic accident to see the page I have written setting out the claims procedure following a RTA.

2. Burn injury or other work injury

An employer owes a duty to keep employees safe – chemicals ca cause burns to the face and other work accidents can lead to facial scarring claims.

Click accident at work to see the works compensation claims process.

3. Clinical injury causing facial scarring

Surgical procedures in hospitals can sometimes go wrong and lead to scarring and other injuries.

Click medical accident claim to see the UK process for claiming medical accident facial scarring compensation.

4. Other types of accident causing facial scarring

Other types of UK accident might include slip trip fall claims, criminal injury compensation, injury to minors, industrial accident, holiday accidents abroad, animal accident claims, etc.

How does your solicitor calculate how much facial scarring compensation can you claim?

The amount of facial scarring compensation you can claim in the UK does not depend on the accident type, but on the severity of the facial injury.

Your lawyer can calculate how much your claim is worth based upon a medical report completed by a plastic surgeon. This report will be based upon a medical examination and a review of your GP and hospital notes.

The plastic surgeon will describe how severe your injury is, refer to photographs of your scarring, describe if the scars are hypertrophic (raised scar tissue), whether the scarring causes any discomfort (pain and itchiness) and set out what the future holds in a prognosis explaining whether any corrective surgery would assist in reducing the appearance of the scar.

Your solicitor will look at the medical report and look at claims previously decided by the courts to decide to determine how much compensation you should recover.

Do women receive more compensation for scarring than men?

face scar injury claim

Woman Face Scar Injury Claim

“Yes and No” – up to the middle of 2017 there were two different award scales for men and women, but the law has recently facial scarring differently to allow men to recover as much as women for the same scar, so long as the psychological impact can be shown to be as significant.

The overall payout is in part determined by the psychological effect on the victim in addition to the extent of the facial scarring itself. Women are sometime viewed as having a stronger psychological reaction to facial scarring than men – so indirectly might be awarded more than men for the same scar. If however the psychological effect can be shown to be the same for a man and a woman – the award should be the same.

Does your age affect the amount of compensation you can receive?

“Yes” – the young tend to receive larger average compensation payouts than an older person as a young person is often more self conscious and will have to live for a longer period with the disfigurement.

How much compensation can a can a man recover for a scar to the face?

Some examples of average compensation payouts for facial scarring for men and women in 2020 include:

1. Minor facial scarring average claim payouts for men: £1,500 – £3,100

2. Scarring to the face of a man which is visible from a short distance leads to compensation calculated between: £3,500 – £12,000

3. Severe facial scarring average compensation payouts for men: up to £85,000

Summary Of Facial Scarring Compensation And Free Online Legal Help

On this page your have seen examples of facial scarring compensation amounts for men and women together with an explanation of how average compensation payouts are calculated by your accident claim solicitor.

I recommend you click body scarring claims to see the page I have written setting out the amounts of compensation you can claim for scarring to other body parts.

If you would like to discuss your facial scarring claim with me in person free of charge or have the amount of average compensation payout you recover calculated online click facial scarring claim.