Finger Injury Claim

Finger Injury Claim Compensation Amounts Calculator

Find out what a finger injury claim is; the different parts of your finger that can be injured in an accident; why injury to certain fingers attracts higher compensation amounts; average compensation payouts for different type of finger injury from minor injuries (such as strains) through to more serious fractures and amputations.

Finger Injury Claim Payouts In 2023

Our table below summarises how much you can claim in general damages for all manner of finger injury.

Read on – to see how these compensation payouts are calculated in more detail.

Finger InjuryClaim Payout
Simple fractureUp to £4,800
Serious broken finger£6,000 – £16,400
Loss of part of finger£4,000 – £16,400
Loss of whole of finger£8,700 – £18,800
Partial amputation several fingersUp to £37,000
Full amputation several fingersSee hand injury payouts
Thumb injuriesSee thumb injury amounts

What is a finger injury claim?

If you suffer an injury to any of the parts that make up your fingers and thumbs (in an accident, from medical negligence, industrial injury, etc) and someone is considered “legally at fault” for your injury you should be able to make a “finger injury claim” for compensation.

Watch out – you will need the help of a specialist personal injury solicitor to help you decide who is “legally at fault”.

What are the different parts of your finger that can be injured?

Your fingers and thumbs are the key parts of your hands which allow you to touch and grip objects from the small to the large. As such your fingers have many nerve endings in their tips (allowing your sense of touch)and have various tendons, ligaments and muscles which allow you fingers to be so flexible and versatile.

In addition – each finger is made up of three bones extending from the knuckles on your hand – which are known as phalanges: the proximal phalange extends from each knuckle to the first joint in the finger, the intermediate phalange extends from the first joint to the second joint and the distal phalange forms the finger tip housing your nail (extending from the second joint to the end of your finger).

Your thumb is made of two phalanges – the proximal and distal phalange.

What are the different types of compensation you can claim?

Your solicitor will claim for your pain and suffering from the finger injury itself plus financial loss and expense you experience directly as a result of your injury, such as lost income, medical expenses, travel expenses, help in the home, etc

Does the amount of finger injury compensation depend on which finger is injured?

“Yes” – some fingers are considered more important for the use of your hand than others and your thumb is considered very important. The more dominant the finger the more compensation you are likely to receive for the same type of injury.

The fingers are named as follows working away from your thumb – index finger (also known as the forefinger), middle finger, ring finger and finally little finger.

The thumb, index and middle finger are considered the most important for the functioning of your hand with your little finger the least important.

The thumb is so important that we have written a separate article explaining the compensation amounts you can recover for thumb injuries.

broken finger injury compensation
Broken Finger Injury Compensation

Examples of finger injury claim compensation payouts

The amounts of compensation you can expect in pain and suffering for a finger injury claim in 2023, are as follows:

Fracture to one finger average claim payouts

A simple fracture to any of your fingers, from which you have a full recovery within 6 months  – the average compensation payout for your finger injury claim is likely to be up to £4,800

More serious broken finger claim settlements

Fractures to fingers and injuries to tendons from which you do not fully recover and lead to permanent stiffness in the finger and a small loss of grip in your hand can lead to a compensation settlement of between £6,000 – £16,400.

Loss of part of finger (terminal phalange) compensation calculator

The amount of compensation depends on which finger is injured (the little finger results in the least amount of compensation and the index finger the most) and how much of the finger is amputated or lost. A compensation claim calculator will give monetary settlements between £4,000 – £16,400.

Loss or amputation of the whole of your finger

The loss of a finger will greatly hamper your hand’s ability to function and lead to physical deformity. The amount of compensation you can claim will depend on the finger that is amputated. For full finger loss your compensation payout is likely between £8,700 – £18,800.

Fractures / partial amputations to several fingers

When you injure more than one finger – you may have some deformity and loss of function in your hand or partial amputations to several fingers. You can expect an average claim payout of up to £37,000.

Serious injury / full amputations to more than one finger

In the most serious of finger injury claims, such as multiple amputations – the whole of your hand can be affected. this is becoming a different type of claim than just a finger injury claim – see our hand injury claims article explaining how much compensation you could expect for injuries affecting the function of your hand..

Thumb injury claim

Your thumb is the most important digit in the hand and will attract more compensation than an equivalent finger injury. We have therefore produced a separate thumb injury compensation calculator article – setting out how much you can claim for different types of thumb injury.

Finger Injury Claims Compensation Amounts Summary

In this article we have explained all the types of finger injury you can suffer together will calculations for the amount of compensation you can expect to recover.

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