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Hair Damage Claim Payouts: Compensation Calculator For Hair And Scalp Injury

There are many different ways that you can experience hair and scalp damage for which you may be entitled to claim compensation.

In this article we set out what a hair damage claim is; the symptoms you might experience if you experience hair and scalp injury; the common types of hair damage negligence claims and the two types of compensation you can claim.

We start with a table of compensation payouts and later in the article provide detailed calculations for all manner of hair and scalp damage. Examples include – thinning, burned hair, alopecia, patchiness, brittle hair, scalp dermatitis and psychological injuries.

Payouts Table For Scalp And Hair Damage Claims in 2023

Hair / Scalp DamageClaim Payout
Temporary (up to 2 years)
Bald patches
Scalp dermatitis
Itchy sensitive scalp
£4,000 – £7,000
Symptoms as above, plus
£7.000 – £11,000

What is a hair damage claim?

If your hair or scalp is damaged as a result of negligence and/or breach of statutory duty – you will likely be entitled to make a hair damage claim for monetary compensation from the person or business considered legally at at fault.

A “hair damage claim” is a type of personal injury claim where the part of the body which is injured is your hair and scalp.

What is the most common hair and scalp damage claims?

The most common hair and scalp damage claims we come across include:

Hairdresser, hair salon or barber negligence

We have seen claims where:

A barber has caused a client’s hair to catch fire from using the wrong chemicals; and

Hairdressers who have caused damage through the incorrect use of bleach, waving equipment, chemicals for tinting, etc.

Chemicals at work

Another source of hair damage is that involving chemicals in work accidents claim – usually however other body parts are also injured in such accidents.

Criminal assaults

Criminal assault can off leave individuals with hair loss and scalp injury.

Watch out – the basis of calculation for scalp and hair damage from a criminal act is very different than that set out in this article. See our criminal injury compensation article for more details.

What are the symptoms of hair damage?

The symptoms of hair damage include: thinning hair, bald patches, dry and brittle hair, dermatitis of the scalp (itchiness, burning, sensitivity and tingling) and even psychological injury (such as depression – this is more common for women than men so far as hair damage is concerned).

What types of compensation are you entitled to claim?

There are two main types of compensation you can claim for when you experience scalp and hair damage:

Pain and suffering for physical and psychological injury

You are entitled to claim compensation for pain and suffering caused by an injury to any body part, including your hair and scalp.

Remember – there will often be a strong psychological reaction to hair loss, which also causes pain and suffering.

hair scalp injury compensation
Hair Scalp Injury Compensation

To determine how much you can claim – your lawyer will instruct an independent medical expert to look at your GP and hospital notes and examine you. The expert will consider the events of the accident which lead to your injury.

This expert will then complete a report with a description of the injuries you suffered and what the future holds for your hair. Most importantly whether any problems with your hair and scalp will be temporary or permanent.

Based upon this report – your solicitor will be able to determine how much your hair damage claim is worth for your pain, suffering and inconvenience.

Facial scarring compensation

In an accident causing scalp and hair injury you may also experiences skin injury to your face. See our facial scarring compensation article setting out the amounts of compensation you can expect to receive.

Financial losses and expenses as a direct result of your injury

Financial losses might include – lost income for time taken off work to recover, medical expenses for treatment to your hair, travel expenses to your hospital (to see a dermatologist) and GP for treatment, etc.

Watch out – it is important to keep a diary of your financial loss and expense together with receipts. This will allow your solicitor to include all of your losses supported by evidence.

Models and flight attendants

If you are in an industry where looks and confidence are very important, such as a modeling career or even a stewardess or flight attendant – you might have a significant future loss of income and career prospects.

Compensation calculations for temporary and permanent hair and scalp damage

In this section we calculate average compensation payouts for the pain and suffering caused by hair loss and scalp damage – for claims concluding in 2023.

Temporary hair and scalp damage

You may experience hair damage or scalp injuries that are temporary in nature (resolving within two years). The symptoms may include – bald patches, brittle hair, dermatitis causing an itchy sensitive scalp. You hair may have been pulled out (leaving bald patches) or you may suffer from temporary alopecia.

Your hair damage claim payout will likely be calculated between £4,000 – £7,000.

Permanent ongoing symptoms average claim payouts

Permanent ongoing symptoms of hair loss, scalp damage (similar to that described earlier). Typically with a strong psychological effect (such as depression, self-consciousness, etc.).

Your compensation settlement is likely to be worth between £7,000 – £11,000.


On this page you have seen the symptoms of hair and scalp damage with examples of how much compensation you can claim.

We recommend you see our specialist solicitor free help options. You can discuss your accident online or in person, ask a question.

We can help you decide whether you are entitled to make a hair damage claim.