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Infertility Claim: UK solicitor guide to compensation amounts for injury to the female reproductive system

Infertility claim solicitor explains the 3 different types of injury a woman can experience to her reproductive system with average payout guides for compensation settlements for infertility, a failed sterilization or a delay in diagnosis of an ectopic pregnancy.

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Infertility Claim Ectopic Pregnancy Failed Sterilisation

Infertility Claim / Failed Sterilisation / Ectopic Pregnancy

What is an infertility claim?

Infertility describes a woman’s inability to become pregnant. If infertility is as a result of an accident, medical negligence or industrial disease and another person or body is considered legally at fault an infertility claim for compensation can be made.

How much compensation can your infertility claim be worth?

The amount of compensation that you can claim for infertility will depend on a number of factors including: whether you already have children, whether you intended to have further children, your age, the psychological impact of infertility, any associated medical complications, scarring and any organic pain.

Your average infertility compensation claim would be calculated in 2019 between: £5,800 – £148,500

Are there other types of claim relating to the female reproductive system which do not involve infertility

“Yes” – two other types of claim a woman might have (together with a calculation of the average payouts in 2019 for each), include:

1. Failed Sterilisation Compensation

Claims for a failed sterilization leading to an unwanted pregnancy will typically lead to compensation calculated: up to £9,000

2. Delay In Diagnosing Ectopic Pregnancy Compensation Settlements

Delay in diagnosing Ectopic Pregnancy causing pain and suffering, which might result from: bleeding, psychological reaction, removal of a fallopian tube (if both tubes are removed then infertility would be caused and the earlier compensation amounts set out in this article would apply) and blood transfusion.

The amount of compensation you can claim would be calculated between: £2,900 – £18,000

Specialist solicitor online help with your infertility claim

If you believe you might have an infertility claim (including a failed sterilization or problems with an ectopic pregnancy) and wish to discuss the matter online or directly on the phone with a specialist solicitor click infertility compensation claim to access our help options.