Jaw Injury Claim

Jaw Injury Claim: UK solicitor explains how much compensation you can claim for injuries to your upper and lower jaw

Jaw injury claim: discover the body parts which make up your lower and upper jaw, how your solicitor knows the amount of compensation your jaw injury claim is worth with examples of compensation amounts for simple fractures, broken bones and permanent ongoing symptoms.

What is a UK jaw injury claim?

When you use the word “jaw” you will typically be referring to the upper or lower jawbone and surrounding tissue, so it is important to appreciate what the jaw is made up of.

jaw injury claim

Jaw Injury Claim

The lower jaw bone is known as the mandible (the ramus is the part of the mandible to the sides and back of the lower jaw). The chin bone is really just a part of your lower jawbone or mandible. The lower jaw is the only moving bone on the face.

The upper jaw does not move and is made up primarily of the maxilla bone (with the alveolar process housing your upper teeth).

Your jaw muscle is one of the strongest muscles in the human body and attaches either side of your face and passes into your neck.

It is important to the correct functioning of your jaws that the upper and lower jaw are in line so you can bite and chew your food effectively.

If you suffer injury to your jaw – whether it be a broken or fractured jaw, an injured jaw muscle or tendon or ligament tear and that injury was caused in an accident; as a result of some form of medical or clinical negligence or in a criminal act of violence – you are quite likely to be entitled to claim compensation.

This claim is known as a “jaw injury claim” for compensation or a personal injury compensation claim.

How do you know the amount of compensation your jaw injury claim is worth?

So long as your jaw injury is caused in an accident or as a result of medical negligence (such as a defective hospital operation, dental negligence or GP error) the amount of compensation you can claim in the UK will depend on the nature of your injury.

Your solicitor will obtain a medical report from an independent expert – normally a facial maxilla surgeon. This surgeon will have many years of experience in dealing with jaw problems and will describe in a medical report exactly the injuries your suffered, the symptoms you are now experiencing and will predict into the future your likely symptoms.

Your lawyer can use this medical report to compare to other injuries decided by the courts in the past for a similar jaw injury claim and so determine a range of compensation amounts your settlement is likely to be worth. This type of compensation is for your “pain and suffering”.

In addition to your pain and suffering you can claim financial losses and expenses directly flowing from your injury, which could include lost income, medical expenses, etc.

You might find that a broken jaw might not affect your ability to work for too long a period, but for some jobs such as for a model – the lost income you might suffer might be significant and perhaps even ruin your career prospects for the rest of your life.

Please be aware: If you suffer your jaw injury as a result of a criminal act of violence – your claim will be made against the CICA (Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority) and as this is a public body the amount of compensation you can claim will be less than in the civil courts. the amount is set by a tariff system decided by the CICA.

Examples of jaw injury claim compensation amounts for pain and suffering

Damage to your teeth can go hand in hand with a jaw injury. Click dental claim to see the page I have written setting out how much compensation you can claim for cracked and broken teeth.

The approximate amounts of compensation your could expect for a jaw injury claim which settles in 2018 are as follows:

1. Simple fracture claim payouts

Even a simple fracture which heals completely with no ongoing symptoms can lead to a great deal of pain and inconvenience. Such a jaw injury claim settlement is likely to calculated between: £5,600 – £7,700

2 . Serious broken jaw compensation settlements

Fracture claims which are not clean or simple and perhaps lead to ongoing permanent symptoms including a difficulty eating and moving the lower jaw will lead to average compensation payouts calculated between: £15,700 – £27,000

3. Multiple fractures compensation amounts

In the worst type of jaw injury claim you might suffer multiple fractures to the upper and lower jaw, you might need several operations, suffer from ongoing significant symptoms of pain, limited jaw movement and possible joint arthritis problems. For this type of jaw injury claim you are likely to have a compensation settlement between: £27,000 – £40,000

Jaw injury claim compensation amounts summary

In this article I have set out the parts of the upper and lower jaw that can be injured in an accident with examples of the types and amounts of compensation your jaw injury claim settlement is likely to be worth.

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