Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome Compensation Claim

Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome: UK lawyer explains how much you can claim for PTSD following a severe accident trauma

Find out what post traumatic stress syndrome is; the symptoms you are likely to suffer following a trauma; the importance of diagnosis in claiming compensation with examples of compensation amounts you can claim for different PTSD anxiety levels.

What is post traumatic stress syndrome?

Post traumatic stress syndrome comes by several names, including post traumatic stress disorder, PTSD, post trauma stress or anxiety.

PTSD is an extreme anxiety condition and can be developed following a severe accident in which you feared for your life or were extremely frightened. This might be in a car crash, a serious accident at work or even a criminal assault.

Complex post traumatic stress syndrome can be caused from exposure to a frightening scenario for an extended period of time or repeated trauma as in abuse claims.

Statistically – females are more prone to post trauma stress disorder than males.

What are the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder?

Symptoms of post traumatic stress syndrome can vary – some can involve extreme anxiety, nightmares, flashbacks to the trauma event, withdrawal from people or locations that remind you of the event, anxiety attacks and difficulties functioning socially or at work.

In the worst case of PTSD you might experience  an effect on your basic functions, such as your breathing and heart rate (causing panic attacks) and your bladder or bowel control.

For example – a motorcyclist with PTSD might avoid roads and friends associated with the biker’s world.

To claim compensation should you have your PTSD diagnosed?

“Yes” – post traumatic stress syndrome is diagnosed by a clinical psychologist or a psychiatrist.

Your solicitor will arrange for an independent medical consultant to examine you to produce a report, which will describe the severity of the anxiety you are suffering and give a prognosis as to how long it is likely you will suffer symptoms or whether the symptoms could affect your life permanently.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD Compensation Claim

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder / PTSD

How much compensation can you claim for post traumatic stress disorder?

Once you are diagnosed by a medical specialist – the amount of compensation you can claim in 2021 for PTSD following an accident in the UK is as follows:

1. PTSD symptoms of up to 2 years with fully recovery or only minor ongoing symptoms

If your recovered from the main symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder within 1 – 2 years following your accident and that recovery was either complete or left relatively minor symptoms only – you can expect a compensation settlement of: £3,700 – £7,700

2. Compensation calculation when you have largely recovered with only moderate ongoing symptoms

If you recovered from the worst symptoms of PTSD, but are still suffering more than minor symptoms which are not emotionally disabling – you could expect an average claim payout settlement amount of: £7,700 – £21,800

3. Permanent moderately severe effects of post trauma stress disorder

If you have recovered from some of the worst symptoms, but are left with significant disability and disabling psychological anxiety effects for the foreseeable future – the amount of compensation you can claim is calculated in quite a wide range between: £21,800 – £56,000

4, Most severe post traumatic stress syndrome compensation settlement amounts

In the most severe cases of PTSD you will have permanent life changing effects that will affect you from being able to work and function in every day life as you were able before your accident. This type of post traumatic stress will lead to the largest calculations of compensation of between: £56,000 – £94,500

Please be aware – the compensation calculations relate to accident claims and not criminal assaults. Criminal injury claims are subject to a different valuation basis set out by the CICA.

Post traumatic stress syndrome summary

In this article you have seen the types of symptoms of post traumatic stress syndrome you might experience following a severe trauma accident with examples of the amount of compensation you can claim for different durations of symptoms and ongoing disability.

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