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Skull Fracture Claim Payouts Calculator: Compensation For Le Fort Fractures

Your skull, as the skeletal part of your head, has many different bones that can be fractured in an accident. In this article we look at the types of fracture that are caused by an impact in an accident that you can make a skull fracture claim for compensation.

We describe the bones that make up your skull; the most common types of fracture your skull can have in an accident, including the Le Fort fracture, basilar fracture and other facial bone fractures. We discuss a blowout fracture, broken jaw and fractured nose.

We start with a summary table of compensation payouts and later in the article explain how average compensation payouts are calculated for pain and suffering.

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Payouts table for skull fracture claims in 2023

Our payouts table sets out the amount you can claim for the pain and suffering caused by skull fractures. If you have an associated head / brain injury – see our head injury compensation article.

Skull FractureClaim Payout
Le Fort fracture£24,000 – £37,000
Cheekbone fracturesSee cheekbone claims
Jaw bone injurySee jawbone claims
Nose fracturesSee nose fracture claims

What are the most common types of skull fracture?

There are many different types of skull fracture which can be caused in accidents – the vast majority involve an impact to the front of the face.

The most common types of skull fracture claims include:

The Le Fort skull fracture

The Le Fort fracture is a specific type of fracture of the skull affecting the front of your face. The name was derived from a French surgeon known as Rene Le Fort.

There are three types of Le Fort fracture, which are as follows:

Le Fort I type skull fracture

The Le Fort I type fracture involves the bone above the upper teeth and the lower nose. It runs horizontally above the upper teeth including the lower orbitals of the nasal passage.

The Le Fort II type fracture

The Le Fort II type fracture runs from the corners of both sides of the upper jaw diagonally to the eye sockets and horizontally across the top of the nasal passage.

The Le Fort III type skull fracture

The Le Fort III type skull fracture runs from the top of the cheek bones up to the outer parts of the eye sockets, across the eye sockets in a n horizontal line meeting at the top of the septum and nasal passage.

Le Fort skull fracture claims are common following a car accident, in which passengers or drivers are not wearing a seatbelt and receive a full force frontal impact, such as on the steering wheel or structural support of the car.

skull facial fracture claim compensation amounts
Skull And Facial Fracture Compensation

Blowout fracture

A blowout fracture involves a fracture of the cheekbone and the walls or the floor of the eye socket / orbital. A blowout fracture is a common facial injury which can be caused by a punch or impact with a blunt instrument – it is most commonly encountered in assault or criminal injury claims.

Basilar Skull fracture

A basilar skull fracture involves a fracture to the base of the skull and is caused by a severe impact of your head.

The most typical skull fracture claim causing a basilar fracture, includes motorbike accident claims.

Other types of facial bone fracture claims

A fractured lower jaw (mandibular fracture) or broken nose (nasal fracture) are two such types of facial bone fracture claims – although these bones are not part of your skull.

What are the bones that form part of your skull?

Your skull is made up of bones and cartilage that form the skeleton of your head.

Bone surrounds your brain to the top of your head (cranium) whilst cheek bones are at the front of your head.

The skull assists with the operation of your senses – nasal bones help with airflow for the sense of smell, orbital bones with fixing your eye positioning to see stereoscopically and temporal bones surround your ear canal to help with your hearing.

Remember – the upper jaw is also part of your skull.

Compensation calculator for your skull fracture claim

The amount of compensation your skull fracture claim average payout is worth depends on the type of fracture. Some examples of compensation payouts in 2023, include:

Le Fort fracture payouts

Looking at the most common type of Le Fort fracture – you could expect to recover an average claim payout between £24,000 – £37,000.

Nose, cheekbone and jaw

See our broken nose claim, fractured cheekbone payouts and fractured jaw claim articles giving full details of compensation payout amounts for these respective body parts

If you have been involved in an accident causing a skull or facial fracture we offer a number of free online and telephone help options – including having your skull fracture claim assessed, discussing direct with our specialist solicitors or receiving a callback.