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Free Legal Advice: How to receive free online legal help and assistance to claim UK accident compensation for personal injury

Many websites suggest that they provide free legal advice, but this is often misleading – on this page you will learn all about the fees paid by a UK solicitor for receiving details of your accident claim from another business and you will discover how to get online answers to all your personal injury compensation legal questions free of charge.

When a website claims that it provides free legal advice for accident compensation – is this likely to be true?

“No” – it is unlikely to be true that you will receive free legal advice from a website.

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Free Legal Advice

The are two very important points you should be aware of:

1. It is unlikely that you will receive “advice

You may receive legal information or guidance. If you are receiving legal advice – the person must state that it is legal advice, that person must be a qualified lawyer and must accept responsibility for the accuracy of the advice given.

2.The word “free” is often used incorrectly to mean at “no cost to yourself”

In actual fact the website author is not likely to be a qualified lawyer and might be attempting to pass your claim onto a solicitor for a fee – known as a “referral fee”.

Alternatively, it might be the website of a practising solicitor who wishes to act for you in your compensation claim and charge you legal fees accordingly.

Free legal help my website provides

I am a qualified specialist personal injury solicitor with over 20 years experience and I am happy to assist you in your compensation claim by answering any questions you may have online or on the phone. I have helped many accident victims this way.

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What exactly is a referral fee?

When you have a personal injury claim you can either contact a solicitor direct or contact a business that will in turn pass your claim to a solicitor to deal with. That business will charge the lawyer what is known as a “referral fee. You should be notified by the referral business and the solicitor receiving your claim of how much this “referral fee” is – but it is not a sum of money you will have to pay only the solicitor.

Effectively a solicitor is buying the right to run your claim.

This referral business can be an individual, a company, a firm etc – but as from the 23rd April 2007 it must be registered with the Ministry Of Justice as a referral business.

A referral business can use a name which may suggest that it has legal knowledge. If in doubt ask the question: “Are you a qualified specialist personal injury solicitor?”

How do you check that a referral firm is authorised by the Ministry of Justice?

Remember a solicitor’s firm is exempt and does not have to be authorised by the Ministry of Justice, but the solicitor practice must be properly registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Every business or individual that is not a solicitor practice must be registered to be legal.

Click claims management regulation to see if a claims management company is legally registered with the Ministry of Justice.

How much is a referral fee?

The referral fee can be for any amount as agreed between the solicitor and the referral business. You must however be notified what this sum is by both the business referring your claim and the solicitor receiving your claim.

Do you have to pay the referral fee?

“No” – the solicitor should pay this sum of money to the referrer and you should not be charged.

In the past the law relating to referral fees was different. There was a time when a client could be charged a percentage of his compensation, but this is now illegal.

What happens if your claim is passed by a solicitor to another solicitor firm?

A solicitor can pass your claim to another solicitor and may charge the other solicitor a fee. This fee is technically not called a referral fee, but is known as an “introduction fee”.

Different rules apply to solicitors who do this as compared with non-qualified referral businesses.

Both need to be registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority, but the solicitor need only be registered as a solicitor and not as a referral business.

You will not be responsible for paying this fee at any time – it is a sum between the solicitors. A solicitor should inform you that a financial relationship exists with the solicitor to whom your claim is being passed.

How do you know if the compensation lawyer chosen to run your claim is the best person?

If a referrer passes your claim to a solicitor it will be done with the main aim to receive money.

If a solicitor passes your claim to another accident solicitor it should be done with your best interests in mind – choosing the best lawyer who is a specialist with any introduction or referral fee being incidental.

What does my accident compensation legal website offer you?

This website is unique. Although it does not provide legal advice – it does provide you with a lot of legal information to help you know what you must do following an accident of any kind.

This website allows you to get the answers to your questions free of charge – simply click accident compensation to have your own online question answered.

I am a qualified solicitor and must act in your interest at all times – I take this duty very seriously.

If it is in your interests I am happy to pass your claim to another solicitor – in which circumstances I will:

1. Obtain your permission.

2. Choose a compensation solicitor close to your home address.

3. Choose a personal injury solicitor who has the correct specialist qualifications depending on your accident type.

4. Confirm the process to you and have that solicitor contact you quickly to discuss your claim.

Summary of this free legal advice article

On this page you have discovered what is really meant by “free legal advice” on the internet and how my website is unique in providing you with legal information and online answers to legal questions at no cost to yourself.

I recommend you:

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