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Free Legal Advice: How to receive free online legal help and assistance to claim personal injury compensation

Many websites suggest that they provide free legal advice, but this is often misleading –  in this article you will learn the two different types of legal website and how neither is likely to provide free legal advice. You will discover how to get online telephone help from specialist personal injury solicitors free of charge – including asking your own online legal question.

When a website claims that a business will provide free legal advice – is this likely to be true?

“No” – it is unlikely to be true that you will receive free legal advice from a website or business.

The are two very important points you should be aware of:

1. It is unlikely that you will receive “advice

You may receive legal information or guidance. If you are receiving legal advice – the website or individual must state that it is legal advice, that person providing the advice must be a qualified lawyer and must accept responsibility for the accuracy of the advice given.

2. The word “free” is often used loosely to mean “no initial cost”

Websites produced and written by qualified solicitors – typically will have legal information you can trust,, BUT – when you make contact by phone or online it is unlikely you will get any help from a solicitor until you have committed to using the business to make your claim for compensation. A solicitor can only act when a funding arrangement, such as a no win no fee, is in place. Thus, you have not been helped free, but only at “no initial cost” – later on down the claims process you will be charged.

Other types of websites produced by non-qualified solicitor include businesses, such as claims management companies / CMC’s. Information on such sites can often be misleading, outdated or inaccurate. You will be induced to make contact and provide your details, so that the Claims Company can pass you to a solicitor and charge the solicitor a fee.

Beware – the sole reason for a CMC is to make money not to help you.

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Free legal help our website provides

We are specialist personal injury solicitors – we provide free help and assistance, including answering compensation claim questions online or over the phone. When you contact us – you deal direct with a qualified solicitor. We are happy to help whether you wish to proceed with a claim or not.

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Summary of this free legal advice article

On this page you have discovered what is really meant by “free legal advice” on the internet and how our website is unique in providing you with legal information and online answers to legal questions at no cost to yourself.