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But surely only companies and organizations are liable?

The answer is “no”! Copyright law applies to individuals too.

Considerable amount of time and energy has gone into developing, writing and researching the material in this site. To this end we have taken several steps to protect our intellectual property – our written, recorded and visual material otherwise referred to on this page as material.

Having free access to material on line does not mean that it can be used freely. There are conditions of use and those conditions of use otherwise known as copyright are specified by the creators of the material.

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Copyrighted Legal Information

Terms of use of the material on this website

This site may only be referred to online for personal use only.

If you are working for a commercial organization that wishes to refer to our material you must first gain written permission from us. We will then assess if you may refer to our work or not. Please note under most circumstances we decline any commercial use of our work.

Under no circumstances may our site be consulted as a source of information by any individual or organization that is attempting to write or research for any form of online (or offline) encyclopedia.

Our site content is only for personal use only and may only be referred to online.

You may browse, view and listen to the material available on our web site. However any other use of our site material (text, images, graphics or photos etc) is not permitted.

Copying, downloading, reproducing, creating derivative works, translating, hosting or printing of any of our material is strictly prohibited without our express written permission.

Legal action will be taken against individuals or organizations that ignore this copyright notice. We will also press for reimbursement of our legal fees and time spent on enforcing this copyright notice.


By accessing this web site, you indemnify and its owners from any responsibility for any loss, damage or liability arising from use of the information found on this web site or by accessing other web sites through links found on this site. By referring to the information or the content on this website the site user indemnifies and its owners from any damages or liabilities resulting from inaccuracies or deficiencies in the information and fully agrees to use the information at their own risk. This disclaimer also covers any e-mail, newsletter, blog, telephone conversation, RSS feed or any other form of communication that may be exchanged between (or any of its representatives) and someone requesting or receiving information.

Links to other sites and companies originating from our site.

We have many links to other sites and companies that provide additional information and services. Please note that we provide these for your convenience to help you plan and arrange your trip. However it is important to note that we do not recommend or endorse whatsoever any of these sites or companies as to the quality or service that they offer. If you decide to use the services of a site/company that you found from a link on our site you agree to do so at your own risk.

It is your responsibility to check each of the companies and information sites for yourself to ensure their service or information is what you require.

Copyright Protection

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Site Visitor Reviews and Comments

Exclusive rights to use site visitor submitted material reviews/comments/questions/images etc

In sending a comments, questions, images etc (from here on referred to as submitted material ) you agree that we may use your submitted material freely as we see fit both on this site and any associated sites that we choose. This will also include any promotions that we deem as fitting or derivative works or translations etc.

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In sending us your submitted material you confirm that it has not been previously published by any other website or publication. You agree that the submitted material you send to us was originally created by you and that you are the copyright owner of the work.

If you cannot agree to all of the above points please do not send us your submitted material.

Photo Protection

To protect our pictures and photos they have been watermarked with both a visible and invisible copyright code. Downloading or unauthorized use of any of our images is not permitted.

Watermarked images are regularly scanned on the web and unauthorized use of these images will be detected.

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