work related accident solicitors

Work Related Accident Solicitors: How to choose the best workplace injury solicitor to make your compensation claim

Discover what work related accident solicitor are; how to check the expertise of that solicitor and how to receive free online help from online specialist lawyers.

What are specialist work related accident solicitors?

Work related accident solicitors are specialist lawyers who deal with claims primarily relating to accidents, injuries or illness to employees (or the self-employed) that happen at work.

Other names for work related accident solicitors include: employer’s liability solicitors and industrial injury solicitors (industrial injury describes a certain type of work injury such as industrial deafness or vibration white finger).

Why do you need a specialist workplace accident lawyer to make your claim?

Work related accidents are the second most common types of accident in the UK after road traffic accidents, but despite this – accidents at work claims can often be quite complicated requiring both a lawyer who is familiar with the steps in claiming compensation and experience in making these types of claims day in day out.

A specialist work related accident solicitor is likely to recover you much more compensation for your injuries through familiarity with the steps that are necessary to ensure an employer meets his obligations to his employees.

See our accident at work article follow in plain English all the steps your UK accident at work solicitor should consider in making your compensation claim.

work accident solicitors

Work Accident Solicitors

How can you check the expertise of a work injury solicitor?

To check the expertise of an accident work solicitor is actually quite simple. You can:

1. Use the Law Society website by searching using an accident at work solicitor’s name

The Law Society Of England and Wales will have a record as to whether a solicitor is an accredited solicitor. There is no separate accreditation for work related accident solicitors, but it still important to check that a lawyer is accredited by the Law Society as a personal injury specialist.

An accredited personal injury solicitor has proved to the Law Society that he / she has practised law for at least 3 years and can demonstrate a high level of expertise in personal injury law.

2. Use the website of the Law Firm to do further checks on the expertise of your UK accident at work solicitor

When you use the Law Society search facility of a particular solicitor’s name – you will be provided with the details of the Law Firm he works for and often you will be provided with the website address of the firm.

A good firm should have a detailed website setting out the areas of expertise of the firm and should provide information about each of its solicitors – normally this is included in a solicitor profile section.

By looking at the profile section you should be able to establish the number of years a solicitor has practised and the areas of law specialized in. You should choose a solicitor who has exclusively practised as a personal injury solicitor with specialist expertise in work related compensation claims.

Free online help from specialist work injury solicitors

The procedure for choosing a specialist accident at work solicitor can be quite daunting, so we offer a number of specialist solicitor free online help options – you can call a direct dial number to speak immediately with a specialist solicitor, arrange a callback, ask an online question.

Work Related Accident Solicitors Summary & Next Steps

In this article you have found how to select specialist work injury solicitor to help you claim compensation.

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