fatal accident compensation claim

Fatal Accident Compensation Claim: Online Q&A And FAQ

In this article you will find a list of fatal accident compensation claim questions received from clients and online visitors – with direct access to our detailed answers. We include frequently asked questions concerning fatal injuries that you may find of assistance.

Types of fatal accident compensation claim

Fatal accident compensation claim questions are listed under headings setting out the type of event that lead to a fatality.

Use the headings as a guide, select the question of interest to be taken to our detailed article answering the specific question and setting out how to make a claim.

Medical Negligence

Mother’s Death During Childbirth Due To Hospital Negligence

Find out how long a child has to claim for the death of mother during childbirth and a child can claim using a litigation friend.

Road Accidents

fatal road accident claim
Fatal Road Accident Claim

Death of baby daughter in a car collision

Find out how parents can claim for the death of their baby daughter in a car collision – plus their own injuries and that of another child that survived the collision.

Bus hits pedestrian causing serious injury followed by death

How a mother can claim for her daughter who was hit by a bus causing brain injury followed by death.

Father killed in a road accident

See how a family can claim compensation following the death of a father in a road traffic accident.

Motorcycle death accident compensation

Click the link above to find out how a partner can claim for loss of a loved one in a motorbike accident, which was not his fault.

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