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Industrial Deafness Claims Solicitor: How can I find a specialist lawyer who can help me with my work related hearing loss claim?

How do I select a specialist industrial deafness claims solicitor?

I have been diagnosed with almost total deafness caused by the working practices of my UK employer. I suspect my compensation claim might amount to a large sum of money, so I wish to be very careful and select a specialist industrial deafness claims solicitor,  so that I receive the maximum compensation I am entitled to.

Industrial Deafness Claims Solicitor Response

To find a specialist industrial deafness claims solicitor to make your compensation claim in the United Kingdom – you should consider the following:

1. View the process of making industrial deafness compensation claims

See our work related hearing loss compensation article describing the different types of hearing loss from noise, the likely causes and how to show an employer is liable to pay your compensation.

Remember – claiming compensation in the UK for industrial deafness follows broadly the same procedure as other occupational injury claims. See our occupational injury claims process article to see all the steps necessary to claim compensation for industrial deafness in the United Kingdom.

hearing loss compensation claim solicitor

Hearing Loss Compensation Claim

2. What to look out for when choosing an industrial deafness solicitor

I have written a page on my site explaining what expertise you should look out for when choosing a UK specialist solicitor and how to check with the Law Society as to whether a specialist solicitor is accredited in the UK.

Click personal injury industrial deafness claims solicitor to find out how to check the expertise of a UK industrial deafness claims solicitor.

3. Don’t just choose any solicitor to help you make your claim

Some solicitors specialise in industrial injury claims – from asbestosis to vibration white finger, but some solicitors specialise exclusively in industrial deafness compensation claims.

Each type of industrial injury claim follows more or less the same legal procedure, but claiming compensation for noise induced hearing loss has some peculiarities which would mean that you could benefit from choosing a specialist occupational hearing loss solicitor.

This solicitor will have contacts with the best medical consultants to prepare reports of your hearing damage and will also be familiar with the different types of financial loss that can be claimed as part of your compensation, so you will be able to claim the maximum amount of compensation payout.

4. Funding the legal cost of instructing a UK specialist industrial deafness claims solicitor

There are various ways of funding the legal cost of making an industrial deafness compensation claim in the United Kingdom. The rules vary a little in Scotland and Northern Ireland from England and Wales, but generally so long as your personal injury claim is worth over the small claims limit (currently £1,000 – but due to be increased shortly) – you will be entitled to claim not only your compensation, but also the majority of your legal costs from your employer who was at fault for your hearing injury.

See our no win no fee article – to learn the different ways of funding your industrial deafness lawyer’s legal costs.

5. Free online legal help from specialist industrial deafness claim solicitors

This website uniquely offers free online legal help in several ways – because we appreciate how daunting it an be if you have suffered hearing loss at work and are seeking an industrial deafness lawyer.

See our work deafness compensation lawyer free online help options – select the type of free online help you desire, including asking an online question or requesting a callback from a specialist UK industrial deafness claims solicitor.