Reynauds Syndrome: Can I claim compensation for reynauds disease caused by vibrating machinery in the workplace?

Reynauds syndrome: I have been diagnosed with a medical condition known as reynauds phenomenon and I wish to know whether it is possible to make a claim for compensation against my employer for industrial injury and if so how much I can claim.

Industrial disease solicitor response

To decide if you can make a claim for reynauds syndrome I recommend you take the following steps:

reynauds syndrome

Reynauds Syndrome

1. Did your job entail the use of vibrating machinery?

Reynauds syndrome can be developed in many ways some of which are totally unrelated to the working environment.
Certain jobs, however, are known to cause reynauds phenomenon such as the use of vibrating tools or machinery.

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2. Medical expert evidence to show vibrating tools at work caused your reynauds syndrome

If you did use vibrating tools at work – your solicitor would obtain a medical report from a consultant to show that it was the vibrating tools and not some other cause which lead you to develop reynauds disease.

3. Compensation amounts for Reynaud’s Syndrome

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4. Free online legal help with making your industrial injury reynauds syndrome compensation claim

If you did use vibrating tools in the workplace I recommend you click reynauds syndrome to select from the free online legal help options my website has to offer including starting an occupational injury claim for reynauds syndrome.