Medical Negligence Compensation Amounts

Medical Negligence Compensation Amounts: How to calculate average compensation payouts for clinical injury from hospital / GP / Dental error

Medical negligence compensation amounts; solicitor describes the four main types of clinical injury compensation you can claim; how your accident solicitor calculates the amount you should receive for your injuries – examples are given of compensation payout amounts for some typical clinical injuries.

What are the types of medical negligence compensation can you claim?

There are four main types of loss and expense that you are entitled to claim as part of your clinical negligence compensation, which includes:

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Hospital Negligence Compensation

1. Special damages

Special damages are past financial expenses that you have incurred as a result of your accident. You will need receipts to prove the amount and include: lost income, medical expenses etc.

2. General damages

General damages describe money payouts used to compensate you for pain and suffering for your physical and psychological injuries.

3. Interest

You are entitled to claim interest on both your pain and suffering (general damages) and finacial lossed (special damages).

4. Legal Costs

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How does your lawyer know how much medical negligence compensation to claim for your pain and suffering?

Your clinical negligence lawyer is able to calculate the pain and suffering for your medical negligence compensation by looking at average compensation payouts awarded for a similar injury in the UK courts in the past.

If a past claim was decided some years ago – your accident lawyer will increase the sum in line with inflation before using it to value your injury as at today’s date.

How much money is your medical negligence compensation likely to be worth?

The value of your medical negligence compensation payout depends upon the type of injury you have suffered.

There are so many different types of medical injury that can be caused that it is impossible to list them all here, but a few examples for typical settlements in 2019, include:

1. Loss of one kidney due to mistake in operation

If medical negligence causes the loss of a kidney – your solicitor will calculate an average compensation payout of: Up to £39,500

2. Failed sterilisation leading to birth of a healthy child

Surgical error in a sterilisation operation for a woman will lead to NHS compensation payouts of: Up to £9,000

3. Minor post traumatic stress

PTSD caused, for example, when a mother was wrongly told by the hospital that her child had died a clinical negligence settlement of: Up to £7,200

4. Dental error leading to loss of a healthy front tooth

Dental negligence, whether by an NHS hospital of private dentist can lead to compensation payout settlements of: Up to £3,500

5. Severe brain damage

Severe brain damage, for example, suffered by an asthma sufferer due to incorrect treatment at hospital could give rise to NHS average compensation payouts of: Up to £354,000

Medical negligence compensation summary and free online specialist solicitor help

You have seen all the types of compensation you can claim as part of your medical negligence compensation and been given examples of the amount of you can expect to receive for some common injuries.

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