Petrol Station Slip Accident Compensation Claim

Petrol Station Slip Accident: How to claim compensation if you suffer injury from a fall on a wet floor in a petrol station shop

Petrol station slip accident process explained by specialist solicitors whilst answering an online question from an accident victim who suffered a broken wrist and dislocated shoulder when slipping on a wet floor in a petrol station shop, with an explanation of the types of compensation that can be claimed, calculations for lost income and pain and suffering payouts.

Petrol station slip accident question

I went to a local petrol station to fill my car up with diesel. When I had finished filling my tank up – I left the forecourt and walked into the petrol station shop to make my payment.

I entered the shop and approached the counter, when suddenly my feet went from under me. I noticed at this point that the tiled floor was wet.

The attendant saw me slip and immediately apologised – indicating that an earlier customer had spilt a drink and he had not had the chance to come out to clear it.

I landed heavily on my right wrist – in attempt to stop my fall and this together with my right shoulder were causing me a lot of pain. Too much to be able to drive.

The counter attendant called for assistance. Another member of staff came – he mopped the spillage and put some cones around the wet area, helped to move my car to a parking spot at the petrol station, called an ambulance and made an accident book entry. I requested he specifically include what his colleague had said about the spillage and not having time to clear it up, which he did.

I went to A&E where I was examined – a displaced fracture of the wrist and dislocated shoulder were diagnosed.

I had shoulder was manually manipulated back into place and I had an operation on my wrist to manipulate it back into place and to have some k wires fitted.

My wrist is still in a case, my shoulder is causing me pain and I am unable to work as a heating engineer losing £600 a week.

Can I make a petrol station slip accident claim for compensation for my injuries and my lost income?

Public Liability & Occupiers Liability Solicitor Response

Proving liability for a petrol station slip accident

The petrol station business owes a duty of care to you as a customer to keep you safe when using their facilities (both as the occupier of the premises and public liability as a business for which there must be appropriate public liability insurance).

A business should have in place a system to deal with spillages – both a reasonable inspection system, but also a system to deal with a spillage when identified.

Here it is accepted by the petrol station till attendant that the spillage had already been identified. It was not sufficient that he was too busy to ensure that the area was correctly cleaned or cordoned off appropriately. As such – it is likely that the business will be seen to have breached its duty of care and the issue of liability should be proven.

Often after the event employees might change their story as to what they had stated orally (so as to avoid repercussions at work themselves), but you were prudent in ensuring that the entry was made into the accident book to this effect. In any event – it would be quite likely the petrol station would have CCTV specifically aimed at the counter, so your accident would likely have been captured and a solicitor making a petrol station slip accident claim on your behalf can obtain access to both the CCTV and the accident book entry to verify your version of events should liability be disputed.

What can you claim for in a petrol station slip accident?

When claiming compensation for your accident – you would be entitled to claim general damages for pain suffering and loss of amenity for the physical and psychological injuries suffered. Here – a fractured wrist and a dislocated shoulder.

Petrol Station Slip Injury Claim

Petrol Station Slip Injury

It could be that there are other injuries you have suffered, such as secondary symptoms and a psychological response. By keeping appropriate records including a diary of your pain and suffering – you will be able to identify all of your injuries and so ensure you are correctly compensated.

See our articles – how your solicitor proves the injuries you have suffered and calculates compensation amounts.

For examples of compensation payouts for your specific injuries – see our articles fractured wrist compensation and dislocated shoulder claims.

In addition to general damages – you can claim special damages (financial loss and expense as a direct result of your accident). This will include lost income – both past and future, so long as it can be proven.

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Making a petrol station slip accident claim

Your injuries are quite serious and as such it is important that you have a specialist solicitor assist you with your compensation claim.

We appreciate you may have a few more questions before deciding whether to make a petrol station slip accident claim.

See our free telephone / online specialist solicitor assistance to help you make up your mind whether you would like to claim.