Public Liability Claims

Public Liability Claims: Guide to compensation claims for everyday accidents when you are out and about as a member of the public

Public liability claims: UK solicitor explains how to claim compensation for various different accidents that you can suffer as a member of the public, includes: shop accidents, supermarket claims, night club injuries, pavement slips and trips, and many more.

public liability claims

Public Liability Claims

How to use this public liability claims guide

Public accident types are listed in alphabetical order below – simply click on the accident you have suffered to see a page I have written explaining how to know if you have a public liability claim and what you should do to make a claim.

List of public liability claims

Click on the type of public liability claim you have suffered:

Club accident claim

Find out how to claim compensation for injuries in the most common types of drinking establishments – nightclub’s, bars and pubs.

Highway slip trip fall claim

All the steps to claiming compensation for a slip trip or fall on a public highway – pavement or road.

Kart crash

How to claim compensation if you are injured in an outdoor or indoor go kart accident. Includes the showing liability and compensation amounts.

Shop injury claim

Claims for slips and other accidents in shops and supermarkets.

Specialist lawyer free legal help with public liability claims

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