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Public Liability Claims Guide: Compensation For Personal Injury In Places Used By The Public

Find out how to make public liability claims for personal injury compensation in various different accidents that you might experience as a member of the public. Typical accident types include – shop accidents, supermarket claims, night club injuries, pavement slips and trips, kart crashes, swimming pool injury and many more.

Access our public liability compensation solicitor answers to online site visitors questions by type of public place with a summary of FAQ’s. Find out public liability compensation blogs – giving legal tips if you have suffered injury as a member of the public.

How to use our public liability claims guide

The types of accident you may experience in public places are listed in alphabetical order below.

Simply click on the accident you have suffered to see our article explaining how to know if you might have a claim, how to prove legal fault and what you should do to make a claim.

Any relevant site visitor questions, Q&A’s, FAQ’s and blogs are set out underneath each heading for your convenience.

Type of public place accident

Each type of public place is set out as a category heading with relevant articles and questions set out underneath

Bar Accident

See club accident.

Club Accident

See our club accident claim article to find out how to claim compensation for injuries in the most common types of drinking establishments – nightclub’s, bars and pubs.

Dry Ski Slope Injuries

Defective Dry Ski Slope Accident Compensation

This dry ski slope accident Q&A describes how to claim compensation when a defective ski slope accident leads to injury.

Go-Kart Accident

See our kart crash article to find out how to claim compensation if you are injured in an outdoor or indoor go-kart accident. Includes proving liability and calculating compensation amounts.

go kart accident claim
Go Kart Accident Claim

Gym Accident

Our gym accident claim article sets out how to claim compensation if you are injured at the gym as gym member or a staff member. We look at gym public liability insurance, the different types of accident you might experience and the duty owed to gym users.

Spinning Class Accident

Find out in this Q&A how to claim compensation when you suffer injury from a defective spin bike during a gym class.

Weight Training Gym Accident Claim

In this gym weight training accident Q&A – a body pump barbells snaps causing a foot injury.

Hair Salon Claims

In our hair salon injury / hairdresser claims article we set out the practical steps you should follow if you have been injured in a hair salon and how to claim compensation for hair and scalp damage.

Holiday Camp Accident

In our holiday camp accident claims article you will find out when you can claim compensation for injury whilst staying at a holiday camp, sports camp, summer camp or activity park. It includes claims for day visitors, short stay guests and workers of the camp itself.

Slip On A Mopped Wet Floor In Holiday Camp Bar Area

Pontins Holiday Camp Defective Go-Kart Crash Claim

Nightclub Accident

See club accident.

Pavement / Road Slip And Trip

See our highway slip trip fall claim to discover all the steps to claiming compensation for a slip, trip or fall on a pavement or a road.

Petrol Station Compensation

Our petrol station accident compensation article – sets out how to claim compensation should you suffer injury whilst working at or as a customer of a petrol station.

See our online petrol station Q&A below – click the question to see our detailed answer.

Injured By Defective Air Line When Blowing Car Tyres Up At A Supermarket Petrol Station

Slip Accident Customer Fall: Wet Floor In Petrol Station Shop

Restaurant Claims

Restaurant Compensation Injury Claim: Bone In Sausage Causing Teeth Damage

Shop Injury Claims

See our shop injury claim article to discover the process of claiming compensation for injuries in typical shop accidents.

Shopping Centre Accidents

See our shopping centre accidents article to find out when a shopping centre will be liable for your injuries and how to establish your likely compensation payout.

Slip Accident In A Shopping Centre

Supermarket Injury

See our supermarket accident claim to find out how to claim compensation for customer accidents in a supermarket. We include supermarket worker injury and food poisoning.

Supermarket Car Park Accident

In this Q&A we explain how to claim compensation if you suffer injury in a supermarket carpark due to a defective pavement.

Hip Replacement Injury Claim From Supermarket Slip Accident

Our Q&A describes how much compensation you can recover for a hip replacement following a slip accident in a supermarket.

Supermarket Petrol Station Accident

Swimming Pool Accidents

Child Accident Due To Defective Tile In Swimming Pool

Starting your public liability claim

Low Value Personal Injury Pre-Action Protocol

Find out the process your solicitor should follow to commence your public liability claim for compensation for personal injury claims valued at less than £25,000.

See our free online and telephone help options – contact us online, ask a legal question or arrange a call back to discuss your public liability accident circumstances.