Hip Replacement Injury Claim

Hip Replacement Injury Claim How Much? Average Compensation Payout Amounts

Hip Replacement Injury Claim Payouts: UK solicitor explains in a supermarket accident site visitor question and answer – the amounts of compensation you can claim for a total hip replacement, from the least complicated with no further symptoms to the most severe with a permanent disability.

Hip Replacement injury claim question

I went out shopping with my husband at a local supermarket. We paid at the counter and were approaching the exit when my feet went from under me and I landed heavily full on my left hip.

Total Hip Replacement Compensation Amounts

Hip Replacement Compensation

The floor was tiled and was wet and there were no wet floor warning signs about the danger. My husband assisted me, called a member of staff from the store who in turn called an ambulance.

Whilst we were waiting for an ambulance wet floor signs were put out by supermarket workers and an entry was made in the accident book. We were told a customer had spilt some yoghurt on the floor earlier and the area had been mopped by staff, but signs had not been put out.

My hip was in great pain and when I got to hospital I was told that my hip was fractured in several places and a total hip replacement was necessary.

I was in hospital for several weeks and I have been unable to work since the accident.

Do I have a claim compensation from the supermarket and if so how much compensation can I claim for a total hip replacement?

Public Liability Solicitor Response

It seems clear from your description of the accident events that you would have a strong claim against the supermarket. The clear danger of a slippery wet tiled floor was caused by a supermarket worker who clearly failed to follow the correct procedure of putting out wet floor signs to warn customers to avoid the wet area.

An employer is responsible for the negligent acts of its workers through a legal doctrine known as vicarious liability and as such the claim would be made against the supermarket (and the supermarket’s insurers).

Compensation amounts for a total hip replacement

Personal injury compensation claims are divided into two parts: compensation for pain and suffering for the actual injury itself (fractured hip leading to a total hip replacement) and compensation for financial losses and expenses incurred as a direct result of your accident (including lost income, medical expenses, care and assistance in the home, travel expenses, etc.).

In 2019 examples of average compensation payouts for pain and suffering are:

Total hip replacement claim

The average payout amounts for a total hip replacement with no ongoing problems is calculated between: £11,000 – £23,500

Hip replacement with small permanent disability

The amount of compensation you can claim if you are left with a small but permanent disability following a hip replacement is: £23,500 – £34,500

Hip replacement needing further surgery

If your hip replacement is unsuccessful and leads to disability which will require further surgery the average compensation payout you can claim is between: £34,500 – £46,000

Most serious hip injury compensation claims

Click hip injury compensation to see an article I have written with examples of how much you can claim for the most serious hip and pelvic injuries.

How to claim compensation for a total hip replacement injury claim

Before you make a decision as to how best to proceed with a hip replacement injury claim you should speak to a specialist solicitor.

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