Holiday Camp Accident Claim

Holiday Camp Accident: How to claim compensation for a trip slip injury & calculate compensation amounts

Holiday cam accident compensation solicitor explains how to claim compensation for injury whilst staying at a holiday camp, such as Butlins or Pontins, and how a solicitor calculates the compensation payout for pain and suffering for your specific injury.

This article answers a site visitor’s question concerning a specific accident (a trip slip compensation claim causing back, wrist and arm injury).

Holiday camp accident victim question

My family and I regularly stay at holiday camps in the UK, such as Butlins and Pontins. I was staying at a holiday camp with my wife and children approximately one year ago and my wife and I went in to the bar area which was a tiled surface and I slipped falling heavily on my lower back and my right arm.

I immediately noticed that the whole of the tiled surface was wet and it transpired that a cleaner had mopped the surface but had not put our safety cones which should have been used when the cleaning process was taking place to warn visitors of the danger of wet and slippery tiles.

I was treated by an on-site first aider and an ambulance was called as my arm was swelling up. I was taken to hospital and I was diagnosed with a sprained wrist and fractured radius in my right arm.

I was also diagnosed with back pain in the lumbar region.

Can I claim compensation from the holiday camp for my injuries?

Holiday Camp Accident Claims Solicitor Response

“Yes” – you will be entitled to claim compensation from the holiday camp. It is clear that wet tiles would be slippery hence the reason the protocol at the holiday camp of using safety cones to warn visitors of the danger.

This did not take place and it has been confirmed that it was in actual fact the correct procedure to put the cones out, which for some reason it was not adhered to by the staff.

It would seem that an employee of the holiday camp was at fault and therefore through a legal principle known as vicarious liability (an employer being considered responsible for the negligence of its servants or employees) – the holiday camp should be responsible for paying your compensation.

You will be entitled to claim compensation for all of your injuries including your sprained wrist, fractured radius and lumber back injuries. In addition to compensation for your injuries you would be entitled to any financial losses you have incurred, including: lost income, medical expenses, travel expenses to the hospital and GP, an amount for any family member’s assistance in the home as a result of your injuries and even for a sum of money to compensate you for the loss of enjoyment of your holiday at the holiday camp.

Calculating The Amount Of Compensation For Arm, Wrist & Back Injury

The amount of compensation for an arm injury, wrist injury and back injury will be determined by using a specialised accident solicitor who will instruct an orthopaedic surgeon to detail the exact nature of your injuries, the effect on your life and how your symptoms will persist or improve in to the future.

Based upon this report your solicitor will be able to determine the amount of compensation your holiday camp accident claim is worth.

Starting A Holiday Camp Accident Claim

Should you wish to make a holiday camp accident claim or a question direct to our specialist solicitors see our online specialist solicitor free help options.