Pontins Holiday Camp Go Kart Accident Claim

Pontins Holiday Camp Accident: How to claim compensation for personal injury

UK solicitor explains how to claim compensation if you are involved in an accident at Pontins holiday camp using the example of injury whilst using the go-kart facilities.

Pontins holiday camp accident victim question

I was using the go–kart track at Pontins holiday camp for the first time ever. The only instructions I was given was where the brake was and where the accelerator was. No safety equipment was provided and no other warnings were given.

As I was going around the track one of the tyres on the go-kart failed / had a blow out so the go-kart sharply swerved to the right causing me to spin around and hit head on anther oncoming go-kart.

This collision took place with quite a lot of force throwing my body forwards and causing a severe pain in my neck. I was assisted by an attended who apologised explained that the go-kart hadn’t been maintained for some time.

I was assisted by a first aider and as my holiday was ending that day I went home with my wife and the pain became immense.

I therefore attended that evening at the accident and emergency hospital where I was x-rayed and diagnosed with severe whiplash and a small crack to a vertebra in my cervical spine.

Can I claim compensation for my injuries?

Holiday camp accident solicitor response

It is very likely you will be able to claim compensation for your cracked vertebra and whiplash injuries from Pontins..

It seems quite clear that the go-karts were not properly maintained at the holiday camp-  evidenced by the tyre blowout and the admission by one of the staff at the holiday camp.

In addition, you were not given any safety gear to wear to protect you in the event of an accident.

Whiplash injuries – especially those involving a crack to the cervical vertebra can be extremely painful and in some instances long lasting.

The exact extent of your injuries would need to be set out in a medical report by an independent orthopaedic consultant instructed by a specialist solicitor.

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