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Bike RTA Rochdale: Solicitor Guidance And Advice

To anyone who may read this.


I am currently going through a claim procedure after an accident involving me (Bike rider) and the third party (a taxi driver). Everything was apparently straight forward after the accident as he hit me by turning into me crossing my line of path. Anyway after 7 mths a revised witness statement came through claiming that I had ran a red light. My insurance company have questioned who is now liable as they have taken me to court based on this revised witness statement that came through after 7 mths!

Naturally I was worried. I nearly lost my life and now I was looking at losing my case of which genuinely I was innocent. I could not believe it.

I contacted Kevin Bolton as a last attempt to get any advice and to my surprise he contacted me directly and offered some first class and sound advice. He listened with conviction to my story and I read to him an account of the witness statement.

From spending 5 mins on the phone with him, I have now told my solicitor how to proceed!!!

Kevin Bolton picked up on key facts which my solicitor failed to do and as a consequence I feel reassured and have come to understand that you have to be sure you are getting the right representation for your case.

I am too far into my case to change and use Kevin’s services, but I would strongly recommend anyone to at least pick up the phone and liaise with him prior to committing to another solicitor.

I do not know what the outcome of my case will be, but at least I have been given some ammunition to defend myself fairly as a result of Kevin’s unbiased advise.

I will of course let you know the outcome of the case in due course.

Good Luck! and thanks Mr. Bolton.

Regards Kevin Merriman

Kevin Merriman from Rochdale, Greater Manchester on 22.03.2018