Manual Handling Work Injury London

Manual Handling Work Injury London: Thank you so much for helping me 🙂

I called Mr. Bolton at 16:15 today to ask about some questions I had in regard with an injury I am suffering owing to repetitive movements I do with my wrist at work.

Mr. Bolton, without knowing who I am has been so kind to help me for more than 20 minutes over the phone and answering all my questions. His help and advice has been a big help for me to reconsider my situation. I offered Mr. Bolton to pay him for the time he spent on the phone with me and for his great and valuable advice, but he did not want to accept any money from me and he said that he was happy to give me help and advice over the phone without any charge.

I would like to say to Kevin Bolton, MANY THANKS for your help over the phone, and MANY THANKS for helping me to rethink of my situation. I will definitely keep your details with me and will recommend this website to any of my friends or people I know in case they need any advice.

Again, thank you very much Mr. Bolton!

Kind regards,

Rafael Merino

Rafael Merino from London, United Kingdom on 29.06.2015