Roundabout Collision Harlow Essex

Roundabout Collision Harlow Essex – Who’s To Blame?

Coming out of a roundabout, I could not avoid colliding into a driver who came out of her lane to overtake the queue ahead of her. I now had to face the other party’s claim that I was to blame. Not knowing what to do I turned to Kevin for some good advice, mainly wanting to know whether pictures of my damaged car could help determine who was at fault. Kevin called me early the next day and explained at length what it was I need to be on the lookout for. Did you know that for every accident you can claim to see the engineer’s report, whose professional account and impression of the damage is crucial in determining the party at fault.

It is not often that you get excellent advice and guidance immediately and free of charge. I was very pleased with Kevin Bolton’s comments and observation.

Evelyn Monfort from Harlow, Essex on 17-01-2008