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RTA Compensation Manchester: Good Trust Worthy Solicitor

I would like to thank Kevin Bolton for taking his time to speak to me regarding an RTA I had back in Oct 2011. My claim is with another company which I deeply regret – if only I had found this site first I wouldn’t of hesitated to put my claim in with Kevin Bolton who explained to me in depth about my claim and compensation as my solicitor tells me one thing and the third party’s letters state another.

Just be careful who you choose. I feel I know how to deal with my solicitor and its all thanks to Kevin Bolton. He had nothing to gain with giving me advice he wasn’t getting paid for his advice, but he took time out of his busy schedule to help me. Now in my eyes that’s a good solicitor and I will definitely put his name forward to friends and family and anyone else that needs a good trust worthy solicitor.

Once again thank you for your time

Barbara C

Barbara from Manchester, United Kingdom on 16-04-2012