Torn Cartilage Both Knees

Torn Cartilage Both Knees: Accident Claim Questions Answered

Neal Collins from Borehamwood, Hertfordshire on 15.07.2019

I found Kevin Bolton on the internet. I was looking to speak to an expert about my accident that tore both cartilages in both knees and needed some questions, if possible, answered.

He didn’t know me from Adam, but do you know what, he gave me 55 minutes of his time explaining things to me and giving a better perspective of my situation even though I told him I was already involved in an accident claim with another Solicitor, but needed to double check some things. It didn’t bother him at all, that fact didn’t put him off at all in giving me his honest and professional opinion which I totally appreciated.

I found Kevin Bolton to be a very nice spoken gentleman, coherent, understanding and he gave me great advice.

If I ever needed help and advice again, I wouldn’t hesitate to contact him again.

Thank you.

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