Trip Fall Accident Claim Hole Road

Can I make a compensation claim for my trip fall accident caused by a pot hole in the road?

I was crossing road close to a friend’s house and as I took a couple of steps I tripped and fell landing badly. Luckily no cars were approaching, but I got up quickly and sat at the side of the road. My right wrist was badly swollen.

trip fall accident claim hole road

Trip Fall Pothole Accident Claim

I phoned my friend on her mobile and she came to help me. In the road there was a pot hole a foot square I would say about 3 inches deep.

When my friend arrived she said that the pot hole had been in the road for the best part of a year and getting worse, but because it was a very quiet road the council where not in a rush to repair it.

My friend took me to hospital and I was diagnosed with a fractured wrist.

A: As long as you can show that the council were at fault for not repairing a road under their control you should be able to make a UK trip and fall accident claim as a result of a hole in the road.

You will need a UK specialist personal injury solicitor to make the claim for you, but as your personal injury – a fractured wrist – is worth over £1000 you should be able to claim your legal costs back from the council as well as your compensation.

The process to follow in the United Kingdom to make a claim for compensation, include:

1. Was the council responsible for repairing the hole in the road where your trip fall accident occurred?

You have already indicated that the council were responsible for the maintenance of this road – if there is any doubt a simple enquiry with the council plans office will reveal who is responsible for that particular road.

2. How big is the hole in the road where your trip and fall accident occurred?

The size of the pot hole in the road you have described is certainly large and deep enough to be a dangerous to members of the public such as yourself.

3. How long has the hole in the road been in existence?

You say your friend lived nearby and knew of the hole for approximately a year. The council certainly should have repaired such a large tripping hazard within this time period.

4. Were the council aware of the hole and the risk to pedestrian safety?

Your friend says that complaints had been made by residents and yet the council failed to act. In addition the council should have checked roads within their control every 3 – 6 months and had it done so it would have realised the safety risk of such a large hole to pedestrians.

5. What should you do to prove the trip fall hazard existed?

You should take some photos of the scene of your accident – a measuring device such as a ruler should be clearly shown giving the dimensions of the hole including the depth.

It is also useful to take the names and addresses of any witnesses to your fall and to the existence of the hole. I am sure your friend can help you.

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6. Contact a UK specialist trip slip fall accident solicitor as soon as possible to make your trip and fall accident claim from a hole in the road

Do not attempt to make a UK trip and fall accident claim yourself. You will find the council will deny responsibility or offer a very small sum of compensation for your injury.

As the trauma you suffered – a fractured wrist – is worth well over £1000 you will be able to claim your legal costs in the UK for making a compensation claim against the council.

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7. Free online assistance in choosing a top UK trip slip fall accident lawyer to make your trip accident claim as a result of a hole in the road hazard

I can help you free of charge in a number of ways including speaking to me direct about your slip trip fall accident.

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