Trip Slip Fall Accident

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Child trip at school

Child Trip Accident At School: Claim Compensation For Injury?

Page answering how to claim compensation if your child is injured in a trip accident at school.

Slipping accident claims

Claim Compensation For A Slip Accident?

Find out how much compensation you can claim for a broken leg and for other injuries you might suffer in slip and trip accident claim.

Tripping accident compensation claims

Slip Trip Fall Compensation Solicitor

Slip Trip Fall Compensation Solicitor

Trip Fall Accident Claim: Hole In Road

Find out when a pedestrian is likely to succeed in a claim against the council or highways authority due to a pothole in the road.

Claim Compensation For A Trip

Find out when your trip slip fall accident claim is likely to succeed if your accident occurred in the city centre – including obtaining free specialist solicitor legal help with your claim.