Finger Work Accident Claim: Discover how to calculate the amount of compensation you can claim for the loss of a tip of your middle finger in a work accident

UK solicitor explains how to calculate the amount of compensation you can claim for the loss of a tip of your finger in a work accident – with examples of average compensation payouts.

Work Accident Victim Question

I was working on a factory in Stoke-on-Trent using a cutting machine, which had a defective guard on it. I had complained in the past about this guard – but nothing was ever done to remedy it. My supervisor was talking to me whilst I was cutting a metal bar and the tip of the middle finger on my right hand was cut off – approximately half an inch was lost.

finger work accident claim

Finger Work Accident Claim

I was assisted by the supervisor and an ambulance was called and I was taken to hospital in Crewe, but nothing could be done to save the tip of my finger. No surgery was done on my finger as when it was cut the machine chipped the top bone resulting in no reconstructive plastic surgery being possible.

Now I am just waiting for it to heal on its own, obviously it’s going to heal shorter due to half an inch.

Could you tell me a rough ball park amount of compensation I could recover for this finger injury and whether I have a claim against my employer for the accident?

Work Accident Solicitor Response

I believe you would have a strong claim against your employer as the machinery was defective and so long that it can be shown that a defect existed and that defect caused you injury – your employer has “strict liability” for your accident.

In other words – you do not need to show that your employer was negligent only that the machine and / or its guard was defective.

The amount of compensation you can claim depends upon a full description of your injury given by an independent medical expert instructed by a solicitor on your behalf.

This report will detail the exact nature of the injury you suffered, the cosmetic effect of the injury when healed, any physical disability in the use of your hand and any psychological reaction.

Depending on the content of this report – it is likely that the sum for your pain and suffering will be calculated: up to £21,000.

In addition – you would be entitled to claim your financial losses, both past and future, as a direct result of the accident; including: lost income, medical expenses, travel expenses to hospital / GP, help in the home, disadvantage on the open labour market (should you continue in your job you may be less likely than a worker with no finger injury to obtain another job), etc.

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