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Testimonials And Client Comments

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    Site Visitor / Accident Victim Testimonials

    Motorbike Injury Compensation

    motorbike injury compensation

    Motorbike Injury Compensation: Solicitor Explains How To Calculate Loss Mohammad Karim from London on 22.02.2021 The information that is being provided is very accurate. The team member I spoke to on the telephone is very friendly and has good manners.

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    Third Party Compensation Offer

    third party offer traffic light accident

    Third Party Compensation Offer: Hit At A Set Of Lights Masoud Shahnavaz from Salisbury, Wiltshire on 12.01.21 I write to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to Kevin Bolton Solicitors Limited for their highly professional and competent services. Kevin Bolton Solicitors Limited are thorough, fair and transparent.

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    Trigger Finger Compensation

    trigger finger compensation

    Trigger Finger Compensation: Showing Employer Liability John Waterworth from Blyth, Northumberland on 07.01.2021 A massive thank you Kevin for your free professional advice regarding my trigger finger, greatly appreciated.

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    Dartford Accident Claim Solicitors

    dartford accident claim solicitors

    Dartford Accident Claim: Excellent, Knowledgeable Solicitor Azad Peshderi from Dartford, Kent on 07.12.20 Kevin is an excellent, knowledgeable solicitor that spends time in explaining everything. He had over half an hour conversation with me regarding my son school for free and advised me to not go ahead with any action. Basically, he puts his professionalism […]

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    Third Party Car Accident Compensation

    third party car accident compensation

    Third Party Car Accident Compensation Offer Too Low: Helpful Solicitor Guidance Osas Igho from Manchester on 26.10.2020 I contacted Kevin regarding my accident claim, because I was underpaid by the third party’s car insurance.  He gave me advice that helped me to take my decision. His advice was very helpful. Thanks Kevin Articles That Help […]

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    Compensation Claim For A Brother

    compensation claim brother

    Compensation Claim For My Brother: Immediate Telephone Assistance By A Solicitor Colin Boyd from Belfast, Northern Ireland on 22.09.2020 I spoke to Kevin Bolton today on behalf of my brother, Paul. Kevin gave me the information I needed to assist my brother further in his claim. We are very grateful to Kevin. Colin Boyd Compensation […]

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    Accident Claim For My Children

    accident claim children

    Accident Claim Children: Independent Legal Help Jill from Ashford, Kent on 17.08.2020 I had cause to seek independent legal help regarding an accident claim for my children. Not only did I find a great article on this website – I was invited to call Kevin direct and ask his opinion. He gave me extremely valuable, […]

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    Road Accident Settlement Offer

    road accident settlement offer

    Road Accident Settlement Offer: Direct Answers To All My Questions Sofie from London on 11.07.2020 Kevin gave me direct answers to all of my questions and helped me to realise, which important points I should be focusing on.  I was very impressed by his professionalism, politeness and his truly friendly manner. Thank you Kevin for […]

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    Spanish Injury Claim

    spanish injury claim

    Spanish Injury Claim: Down To Earth Solicitor Help Samuel Erinle from Liverpool on 29.06.20 Down to earth and very helpful – will be using again if required.  

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