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Neck Injury Claims: The amounts of compensation you can claim for neck and cervical spine injuries in a UK accident

Neck injury claims solicitor sets out what the most common types of claim for neck injuries are, with examples of how much compensation you can claim for minor to severe neck injuries – including whiplash, cracked vertebrae, disc damage and paralysis.

What are common neck injury claims in the UK?

Your neck includes the top of your spine (known as your cervical spine) extending from your head to your back and includes all the surrounding muscles, tendons and ligaments.

When your neck is injured in an accident or as a result of medical negligence – you should be entitled to claim compensation from the person considered “legally responsible” for your accident – such claims are known as “neck injury claims”.

The most common types of accident which give rise to neck injuries include:

1. Car accident whiplash

The human head is a heavy part of the body and if you are involved in a car accident collision whilst wearing a seatbelt (as a driver or a passenger) – your head can be thrown forwards and backwards in a violent manner causing injury to the neck muscles and sometimes the cervical spine itself.

See our car accident compensation article for a detailed description of all the types of compensation you can claim in a road traffic accident.

Law Change – On 31 May 2021 the amount of compensation you can claim for whiplash injuries in certain types of road accident became subject to fixed amount tariff compensation payouts, See our article road accident whiplash payouts from 31 May 2021 to see how much compensation you are now able to recover.

2. Lifting accidents at work

Back injuries and neck pain are common when employees are required to complete heavy lifting in the workplace.

See our accident at work article to see the UK work injury claims process from start to finish.

work accident neck injury claims

Work Accident Neck Injury Claims

3. Motorcycle RTA

Unlike a car accident, which will typically cause a whiplash type injury, a motor bike RTA can cause significant injuries to the neck and cervical spine – all too often causing a broken neck and sometimes paralysis.

Be aware – motorcycle accident neck injuries are not affected by the law change on 31 May 2021 as we described earlier at point 1.

Examples of compensation amounts for neck injury claims

The amount of compensation your solicitor will attempt to recover for neck injury depends on several factors including the part of the neck that is injured (whether vertebrae, discs or muscles), the severity of the injury, the duration of your symptoms of pain and the likelihood of disability.

In 2021 you could expect the following amounts of compensation in your neck injury settlement:

1. Minor neck injury settlement amounts

If your neck injury (including whiplash) gives you symptoms lasting up to a few months your average claim payout will be calculated: Up to £2,300

2. Neck symptoms and whiplash lasting up to a year

If you suffer pain in your neck with symptoms lasting from a few months to one year your compensation calculator will be between: £2,300 – £4,100

3. Whiplash neck injury settlements

Whiplash neck injuries with neck pain lasting between 1 to 2 years can lead to average whiplash payouts of: £4,100 – £7,400

4. Neck injury with disc damage

If you suffer a severe whiplash which causes trauma and damage to your discs in your cervical spine resulting in conditions such as spondylosis (a kind of arthritis of the spine) and restricted movement of your neck. You could expect a compensation settlement for your neck injury claims of between: £7,400 – £23,500

5. Severe neck injury average claim payouts

If your neck injury results in little or no movement in your neck on a permanent basis and temporary paralysis of the lower part of your body you could expect average payouts to be calculated between: £23,500 – £139,000

6. Neck injury causing paralysis compensation settlements

Neck injury leading to paralysis of the lower part of your body (paraplegia) and paralysis from the neck down (quadriplegia) will lead to compensation settlements between: £205,000 – £379,000

Summary of neck injury compensation claim payout amounts

In this article you have seen the most common types of accident that can cause injury to your cervical spine with examples of how much your compensation payout might be for different degrees of severity of neck injury claims.

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