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Injury To A Minor: All The Steps To Claiming Compensation For Personal Injury To Children

In this article we explain how to claim compensation for injuries to a minor (or child).

A minor is the legal name for a person under the age of 18 years in England And Wales. In other parts of the UK this age might vary (for example, in Scotland the age of legal capacity is 16 years of age).

This index provides an overview to the articles we have written describing all the steps in the UK to claiming compensation for injuries to children – from a description of the most common accidents to children and how to claim for each, to funding your lawyer’s legal expenses using a no win no fee or legal protection cover.

How to use the injury to a minor compensation guide

In this guide you will find links to our articles setting out answers to typical questions you will have when you are considering making a compensation claim on behalf of your child following an accident in the UK or overseas.

Headings are used to group articles under the relevant stage of the legal process. At the end of each page we have provided a link to the next page we recommend you read.

If your child has just had an accident – we recommend you follow each heading in order. You will be taken through the most common types of injury to a child, be shown the process for making an injury to minor claim and find out how to choose an appropriate child accident lawyer.

The Most Common Types Of Accidents Involving Children

Accident At School

Discover how to claim compensation for your child for the most common types of accident at school..

Claim For Child Accident Whilst Trespassing

How to win compensation for an injury to a minor despite a claim of trespass by the land or property owner.

Making Your Child Accident Compensation Claim

How To Make A Child Accident Claim

How to make a compensation claim for your child following an accident in the UK.

child accident compensation claim
Child Accident Compensation Claim

Claims Against Children

On rare occasions a child might cause you injury. In this article we discuss what liability a child might have to pay you personal injury compensation, the role of the parents and household contents insurance to meet any liability.

Courts Funds Office Or Parental Indemnity

Find why monies should be paid into the Court Funds Office and why a parental indemnity should not be used.

Litigation Friend Needed To Claim Compensation

Find out how to select and use a litigation friend to make a personal injury claim on behalf of a child.

Payment Of Compensation Following Death Of A Parent

How payment of child compensation monies are apportioned when a child was financially dependent on a parent killed in an accident.

Finding And Funding A Specialist Child Accident Lawyer

Personal Injury Lawyer

Using a road traffic accident as an example – find out how to find a specialist lawyer to help you make a claim for an injury to a minor / child.

Click on this link to find out the best ways to fund the legal cost of your child’s compensation claim including no win no fee agreements and legal protection insurance.

Overview Of Child Injury Claims Process

See our child injury claims article for a quick overview of the process of making a claim on behalf of a minor.

Summary Of Injury To A Minor Page

This page gives you the benefit of our extensive experience as specialist personal injury solicitors by guiding you through the most common types of accidents involving children, the unique process of making an injury to minor compensation claim and guidance to choosing the best specialist accident lawyer.

We recommend you see our  accident at school article to find out the most common types of school place accident that might cause an injury to a minor / child.