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Industrial Disease: Solicitor sets out UK claims process for occupational injury

Industrial disease: find out all about the most common types of industrial disease, the amounts of compensation you can claim for each, how to prove an employer’s legal liability for specific types of occupational injury with free online legal help.

What is the process for claiming compensation for industrial disease?

Industrial disease and occupational injury will typically involve exposure in the workplace over an extended period of time to some harmful substance, work practice or noise level.

Industrial Disease

Lungs Scan To Establish Industrial Disease

Industrial disease may take the form of lung problems (such as mesothelioma, silicosis, black lung); hearing disorders (such as industrial deafness, tinnitus); skin problems (such as contact dermatitis) or hand arm disorders (such as vibration white finger, hand arm vibration or repetitive strain injury), etc.

Although it is true to say that a compensation claim for each type of industrial disease will have some unique aspects to it – it is also true to say that the procedure for claiming for each has some similarities.

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Do unique aspects exist to claiming compensation for certain class of worker and type of industrial disease?

“Yes” – there are unique aspects for certain class of workers, such as miners, and to certain types of occupational disease claims.

Industrial disease claims are inherently complex and you will require the assistance of a specialist solicitor to make your claim, but I have written pages relating to some of the most common types of work related disease and class of workers.

We are constantly adding to these pages and if you cannot find details on the particular disorder you suffer from – we will gladly answer any questions either online or in a telephone conversation.

Some of the specific class of workers and industrial disease claims include:

Miners Injury Compensation

Miners in the UK were exposed to hazardous conditions both in the pits and as surface workers. Find out how to claim compensation for all manner of occupational disease suffered by miners – from coal workers black lung to vibration white finger.

Asbestos Compensation Claim

Find out about the different types of condition which can be developed from breathing in asbestos dust in the workplace.

Asbestosis Compensation Claim

Asbestosis is one type of breathing disorder developed over many years of breathing in asbestos fibres – discover how to prove your employer is legally responsible for your condition.

Industrial Dermatitis Claim

Occupational dermatitis can develop from constant exposure to a hazardous substance or even a single exposure to extremely hazardous substance. Find out how to show your employer is legally responsible for any industrial disease skin condition you may develop.

Repetitive Strain Injury

RSI is a condition which develops from repetitive continuous small movements with your hands in the workplace. Find out how to shower your employer is at fault for your repetitive strain condition.

Industrial Deafness Claim

Occupational hearing loss is typically developed from exposure to constant loud noise over long periods of time – find out how to show your employer is responsible for causing your hearing loss.

How much can you claim for industrial disease and other types of workplace injury

Calculating how much compensation you can claim for industrial disease and other types of injuries will depend on the part of your body affected, the severity and duration of your symptoms.

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Is there any other information our website has to offer in relation to industrial disease claims?

“Yes” – there are a number of ways in which you will find further assistance from our website, including:

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