Stacker Truck Work Crush Claim: Broken Femur Fractured Collarbone Neck

stacker truck accident claim

Work accident solicitor explains how to claim compensation for collarbone, neck, back, leg, shoulder injuries, including a fractured vertebrae and broken femur bone, from a crush injury from a stacker truck Stacker truck work accident victim question I am employed in a warehouse in which many types of lifting machine operate, including: pallet tacker trucks, […]

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Slip On Black Ice: Construction Site Worker Compensation Claim Payout

UK work accident solicitor explains how to calculate the average compensation payout for a construction site work accident following a slip on black ice resulting in an injured calf muscle, shattered kneecap and fractured coccyx. Construction Site Work Accident Victim Question I am a construction worker and late last year I turned up to work […]

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Public Transport Station Incident: Work Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

UK solicitor explains how to claim compensation if you have suffered injury as a result of aggression in the workplace when your employer failed to provide adequate support when such incidents were foreseeable. Public transport work incident question I work in a large public transport bus depot . Approximately two years ago whilst working late […]

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