Loss Of Use Of Car: When Can I Claim Compensation?

Loss Of Use Of Car Vehicle

Loss Of Use Of Vehicle Question I tripped over at work, breaking my forearm. My employer’s insurer has admitted liability, has agreed other damages, but is refusing to pay for the loss of use of my car, which I was unable to use for 10 weeks. Can I claim for loss of use of vehicle? […]

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Work Back Injury: Claim Compensation For Ongoing Problems

Work injury victim question I suffered a back injury in a crushing accident at work 8 years ago – can I still make a claim for compensation from my employers as my back problems are ongoing? Accident At Work Solicitor Response The law in England and Wales generally allows three years from the date of […]

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Stacker Truck Work Crush Claim: Broken Femur Fractured Collarbone Neck

stacker truck accident claim

Work accident solicitor explains how to claim compensation for collarbone, neck, back, leg, shoulder injuries, including a fractured vertebrae and broken femur bone, from a crush injury from a stacker truck Stacker truck work accident victim question I am employed in a warehouse in which many types of lifting machine operate, including: pallet tacker trucks, […]

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