Croatia Hotel Accident Package Holiday: Claim In The UK For Fractured Wrist Pelvis

How to claim compensation in the UK for an injury in a hotel whilst on holiday in Croatia as part of a package holiday – includes a broken wrist and fractured pelvis

Croatian holiday accident victim question

I booked a holiday to Croatia with a travel agent in London, which included flight, hotel accommodation and transfers.

During the second week of my holiday I was in the hotel walking up the wooden steps when one of the steps gave way causing me to land badly on my hand and hip.

A member of the hotel staff witnessed my fall and came to my assistance calling first aid who applied ice. I initially believed I was badly bruised, but that night I was in agony and could not sleep.

The next day – my husband took me to the local hospital and I was diagnosed with a broken wrist and badly bruised pelvis.

We returned to the hotel and spoke to the manager. My husband made sure he made an entry into the accident book.

I have now returned home and have been to the hospital and been told that I have a simple undisplaced fracture and a hair line fracture of the pelvic bone.

As the accident happened in Croatia – am I still able to make a claim for my injured wrist and pelvis?

Holiday accident solicitor response

As you booked the holiday with a travel agent in the UK who arranged both flight and accommodation – your holiday is considered a package holiday and as such you can make a claim from the UK against the London travel agent.

This will allow both the Law of England and Wales and Croatian law to be considered, but on the question of liability of fault UK the hotel can be expected to have standards similar to England and Wales.

From the description you have given – it appears to me that the hotel and so the travel company were at fault for having a defective step in the hotel.

Your injuries will need to be properly assessed by a medical expert instructed by a specialist holiday accident solicitor – who will look at your GP and hospital notes and examine you to determine the exact nature of your broken wrist and fractured pelvis.

Based upon this medical evidence your solicitor can value your claim for pain and suffering. Additional evidence will be necessary to describe any financial losses you have suffered, which might include loss of enjoyment of holiday, medical expenses, etc.

Should you wish to proceed with a broken wrist and fractured pelvis claim for your accident in Croatia click hotel accident claim Croatia.