Spouse Children’s Fatal Car Accident Claim In Watford Wembley London

UK road accident solicitor sets out how to claim compensation for the death of a spouse in a car accident in London leaving a husband and young children includes bereavement loss, dependency claim and funeral expenses.

Husband Of Deceased Car Accident Victim Question

My wife was a front seat passenger travelling in her friend’s car from Watford to Wembley in London.

Due to icy conditions her friend lost control of the car and hit a tree on the side of the road which crushed the passenger side of the car causing my wife to suffer severe head injuries. An ambulance was called, but she died on the scene from her head injuries.

Her friend survived but is in a critical condition with several broken bones including a broken neck.

My wife and I have three children all aged less than 10 years. My wife was an accountant and are family depended largely on her salary.

Is there a claim my children and I can make for this tragic accident?

Fatal RTA Solicitor Response

Both you and your children will be entitled to claim compensation for the driving error which your wife’s friend made. Her motor insurer will be responsible for primarily three types of loss:

1. Bereavement loss – this is a fixed sum of money for the pain and suffering experienced by close family members in the event of death in a fatal road traffic accident.

2. Dependency claim – both you and your children and perhaps other family members will have been dependent on your wife’s income. Compensation for this dependency loss will be calculated largely dependent on her level of income and how much financial contribution you wife can be shown to have made to sustaining your family.

3. Funeral expenses – your wife’s estate will be entitled to her funeral expenses.

Fatal accidents are very complicated types of road traffic accident claims and to make such a claim you will need the help of a specialist high quantum road traffic accident solicitor.

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