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The solicitors links directory will provide you with external links to authority sites whether you have suffered a personal injury accident in the UK or overseas or wish help from lawyers generally for assistance with all manner of legal problem.

Accident Claims Links

Free online information sites for all manner of accident claim. Choose the personal injury type where you will find links to the information websites starting with a links index.

Solicitors Personal Injury Links

Solicitors Personal Injury Links

Criminal Injury Links

The authorities that you claim from for injuries caused as a result of a crime of violence.  Includes the UK and overseas.

European Law Firms

UK citizens who have suffered personal injury whilst on holiday, traveling or living in Europe could need the help of an English speaking lawyer based in that European country.

Expert Witness

Expert witnesses are instructed by your solicitor at different stages of your claim. These experts owe a duty to the court and give opinions based on the balance of probability (whether it is more likely than not that your accident caused your accident or injuries)

International Law

International law is used to determine where a claim can be made, who is at fault and what can be claimed when an accident occurs on an aircraft or sea going vessel.

International Law Firm

UK citizens injured in countries outside of both of the UK and the EU could need the help of an international law firm with English speaking lawyers.


The barrister and the solicitor – the two different types of lawyer that can help make a claim in the UK.

Legal Advice

Official bodies that can help will all manner of legal issue.

Legal Aid

Legal aid was once used to fund all types of personal injury claim. Now it has been withdrawn, but for a few special types of claim.

Legal Information

Legal information can be found in published books and online

Solicitor England

Links to the Local Law Societies registering local solicitors throughout England.

Solicitor Northern Ireland

Useful links to help you find local specialist solicitors in the different parts of Northern Ireland.

Solicitor Scotland

Links to local Law Societies in the different areas of Scotland.

Solicitor Wales

Local Law Societies in the different regions that make up Wales.

UK Government

The law in the UK can differ depending on the country in the UK.

UK Law Firms

We are specialist in personal injury law – but should you need the assistance of solicitors from another area of law, the links below should prove helpful.

UK National Law Societies

The Law Societies of the countries that make up the UK have a register of all the practising solicitors and their expertise.

University Law

Universities provide the academic training for lawyers before they are able to go on to get practical experince working in law firm’s or barrister’s chambers.