Car Accident Claim Scotland

Car Accident Claim Scotland: UK solicitor explains how much compensation you can claim for whiplash, neck and back pain following a Scottish RTA

Car accident claim Scotland: Find out in a question and answer session how medical evidence is used to calculate the amount of compensation in a car accident claim in Scotland including examples of how much compensation you will receive for the most common injuries such as whiplash, neck injuries, back injuries, shoulder injuries, fractured sternum injuries.

RTA victim car accident claim Scotland question

In March of this year I was driving my VW Golf on a main road through a built up area in Aberdeen heading towards Dundee and then on to Glasgow. Without notice a driver, who was in a Ford Focus and was stopped on double yellow lines, pulled out and cut into the passenger wing of the car I was driving.

car accident claim Scotland

Car Accident Claim Scotland

The Grampian police attended at the scene and took statements and the driver admitted full responsibility as she was illegally parked on double yellow lines and she did not check her mirror / blind spot before pulling away from the kerb.

An ambulance was called and I was taken to hospital suffering from whiplash, neck and back injuries, pain in my right shoulder and a sternum injury. X rays were taken, which did not reveal any fractured vertebrae, but did show a fractured sternum.

Unfortunately, I was driving my brother’s car and I was only covered third party by my own insurance company.

Can I claim for my injuries and for the vehicle damage to my brother’s vehicle and if so how much compensation can I expect to receive for all of the various injuries I have suffered which would form part of my car accident claim in Scotland?

RTA solicitor response to car accident claim Scotland question

As legal liability has been conceded by the third party driver there is no doubt you will be able to make a claim against the driver for your injuries, the damage to your brother’s vehicle and any financial expenses incurred as a direct result of the accident.

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The compensation will be paid by the third party’s motor insurer and if not insured by the Motor Insurer Bureau / MIB.

The amount of compensation your car accident claim in Scotland is worth depend upon the extent of your injuries. You have described your injuries as: whiplash, neck and back injuries, shoulder pain and a fractured sternum.

The injuries to your neck and shoulder are most likely all part of your whiplash injury. In addition – it sounds as though another part of your back was injured, which might be your lumbar (lower back) or thoracic spine (middle part of spine), which in itself can be quite serious as can a fractured sternum injury.

To establish the full extent of your injuries a specialist road traffic accident solicitor will instruct an orthopaedic consultant surgeon to complete a medical report for the purpose of your car accident claim in Scotland.

This expert will scrutinize your GP and hospital notes, look at your x rays, examine you and complete a report setting out the injuries which can be attributed to the car accident, the symptoms you have already suffered and the symptoms you are likely to suffer into the future.

The diagnosis into the future is critical to establish how much your claim is worth. For example – a whiplash lasting a year can be worth £3,000 less than  a whiplash injury with symptoms lasting 2 years.

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How do you go about making a car accident claim in Scotland?

To make a car accident claim in Scotland you will need the help of a specialist road traffic accident solicitor.

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