Trigger Finger Compensation Claim

Trigger Finger Claim: Solicitor sets out amounts of UK compensation you can claim for trigger finger and trigger thumb injuries

Trigger finger claim: discover how trigger finger can be caused, the types of compensation you can claim from your employer with examples of how much compensation a trigger finger claim is worth.

What is a trigger finger claim for compensation?

Trigger finger is a condition which can develop when your finger or thumb locks into a bent position and when unlocked your finger or thumb snaps back into a straightened position like a trigger of a gun.

trigger finger claim

Trigger Finger Claim

Although the name “trigger finger” suggests that it is your finger that is affected by the condition – the use of the word finger can be used loosely to refer to any of the digits (including a finger, more than one finger or your thumb) on your hand that are affected by the condition.

Trigger finger can occur naturally or alternatively it can develop from overuse of your finger or thumb – such as when you are constantly operating a power tool in the workplace with your finger remaining in a bent position. It is believed that the tendons can overdevelop and thicken from holding your finger in the bent position, such that once the power tool is released the finger cannot uncurl and effectively locks into a bent position.

If someone is considered “legally at fault” for your trigger finger condition you should be able to claim compensation – this is known as a “trigger finger claim”.

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What are the two different types of compensation your can claim for a work accident trigger finger claim

Trigger finger is a type of work injury known as an industrial injury as it develops over time.

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Examples of compensation amounts for your trigger finger claim

If your solicitor can establish legal fault of your employer for your trigger finger claim – some examples of the amounts of compensation you could expect to receive for pain and suffering in a settlement in 2019, include:

1. Minor trigger finger average payouts

If the trigger finger condition you develop resolves itself within two years with no ongoing symptoms you can expect compensation amounts between: £1,300 – £6,200

2. Ongoing symptoms

If your trigger thumb or finger symptoms are ongoing after two years, but such symptoms are not constant and so do not require surgery you can expect a compensation calculator for your trigger finger claim of: £6,200 – £10,500

3. Compensation amounts when surgery is required

If your trigger finger requires surgery to attempt to resolve and leaves an ongoing disability, which might affect your ability to work your trigger finger compensation settlement is likely to be worth between: £10,500 – £15,000

Summary of compensation amounts for your trigger finger claim

On this page I have set out how trigger finger is caused and how much compensation you can expect to claim from your employer for a trigger finger claim.

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