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Road Accident Claims: Free Online RTA Legal Information Sites And Compensation Claims Solicitor Free Online Legal Help

Road accident claims free online information & help: if you wish to claim compensation for a road traffic accident in the United Kingdom – listed on this page there are a number of organisations which can provide free legal advice and free legal information to help you claim. In addition we offer specialist solicitor free online/ telephone help

Road accident claims authority links

Listed alphabetically below are links to authority sites which provide free online information to help you if you have suffered a road traffic accident.

DVLA – Driver And Vehicle Licensing Agency

The DVLA is the government agency designed to ensure the enforcement of road safety law with a view to avoiding road traffic accidents.

Highway Code

This government website provides full details online of the Highway Code including the rules for all UK road users from pedestrians to horse riders or drivers of a motor vehicle. Winning your road accident claim is often dependent on showing a driver was at fault by failing to follow the rules of the Highway Code.

Motor Insurers Bureau

The Motor Insurers Bureau was set up as a private body designed to pay compensation to accident victims from uninsured or untraced drivers in the UK. It also offers a green card system designed to help UK residents who have a road traffic accident abroad and to help foreign registered vehicles involved in a RTA in the United Kingdom. A green card is usually not necessary if an accident is in the EU (European Union) or the EEA (European Economic Area) with another vehicle whose driver ordinarily resident in the EEA also.

road accident compensation claim

Road Accident Compensation Claim

Motor Insurers Information Centre

This section of the Motor Insurers Bureau in the UK is known as the green card Scheme and can help you make a claim from the UK when you are involved in an accident in the UK with a foreign registered driver.

The Highways Act 1980 Section 41

The Highways Act 1980 sets out all the obligations of the highway authority to maintain public roads and pavements.

Section 41 Highways Act 1980 specifically sets out the authority’s duty of maintenance and obligations to ensure defects do not cause road accidents.

Legal tip – you can win road accident claims against the Highways Authority if a defect in the highway causes your road accident to occur.

Road Traffic Act 1988

The Road Traffic Act 1988 sets out the law in relation to motor vehicles and when a motorist is seen to commit a criminal offence. Using the above link you can see a summary of all the parts of the Road Traffic Act and choose the section that you feel is most relevant to you.

Specialist Solicitor Free Online Help And Road Accident Compensation Guides

See our road accident claims process guide to learn the procedure of making a compensation claim for your RTA, use our RTA Qnline Question & Answer / FAQ to see specialist answers to online road accident victim questions and calculate how much you can claim for all manner of physical and psychological injuries.

See our specialist solicitor free online / telephone help options to ask your own online question, have your claim assessed or speak direct with a solicitor to discuss your accident.

Summary Of Road Accident Claim Free Legal Information

In this article we have provided links to authority websites used to determine who is at fault for road accident claims with access to online and telephone specialist solicitor assistance free of charge.