Fatal Injury Claims

Fatal Injury Claims: UK Law Setting Out Who Can Claim Compensation

Fatal injury claims are compensation claims for death caused by accident. Discover the UK claims process, the amount of compensation you can claim, the laws which decide who and what can be claimed with free online legal help from a specialist fatal accident claims solicitor.

What is the UK fatal injury claims process?

The fatal accident claims process in the UK is very involved with the first step to establish the cause of death being a coroner’s inquest.

Click fatal accident to see the page I have written setting out all the steps to making a fatal accident claims in the UK following an accident or criminal act.

How much compensation are fatal injury claims worth?

The amount of compensation you can claim in the UK depends on your relationship to the deceased and whether you were classed as being dependent on the deceased.

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What are the laws which your lawyer must refer to to decide if you have a claim?

Below is a brief description of the UK laws – known as statute and legislation – with a link to the detailed statute.

This is a useful reference source, but you should rely on your solicitor to interpret the legislation on your behalf to ensure you win your claim and receive the correct level of compensation.

fatal injury claims

Fatal Injury Claims

Fatal Accidents Act 1976 – UK Law Relating To Fatal Accident Claims

This Ministry Of Justice website sets out the UK law relating to fatal accident claims made on behalf of the bereaved or dependents of the deceased. The Fatal Accidents Act 1976 sets out who has the right to make such a claim and the sums of compensation that can be claimed.

Law Reform (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1934

This Act sets out the types of compensation that can be claimed in the UK for fatal accident claims made by the deceased’s estate. It includes funeral expenses and pain and suffering of the deceased in the period before death.

Can you receive free legal assistance if a love one has died and you are considering fatal injury claims?

“Yes” – click fatal injury claims to see the free legal help my website has to offer. You can speak to me in person, start a claim or have your own fatal injury claims question answered online.