Kart Crash Injury Claim

Kart Crash: How to claim compensation if you have been injured in a go kart accident in the UK

Kart Crash: UK accident lawyer explains what a kart crash claim is, how to show a go kart track is responsible for your injuries and how much compensation you can claim for all manner of injuries you might have suffered.

What is a go kart crash claim?

Go kart tracks and racing is fast becoming a popular activity – with the likes of Lewis Hamilton gaining driving expertise in small petrol and diesel powered karts.

Kart crash

Kart Crash

Karting can take place indoors or on outside tracks and should you be involved in a kart crash or other accident causing physical injury you might be entitled to claim compensation from the go kart track business. This is known as a public liability “kart crash claim”.

How do you know if you have a kart crash claim?

To best answer how to establish if you have a kart crash claim – I will relate a kart accident enquiry which led to a broken ankle.

Kart crash victim question

In January I attended an indoor go carting centre situated in Birmingham.

On arrival I was asked if I had ever been in a go-kart and I explained that I had never used a kart.

I was told that karting was quite safe and a member of the kart track staff explained how to control the kart, what to do when certain flags were presented and to remain in the kart if a crash occurred.

I was told that the track was designed to absorb the impact of any crash and so I would be quite safe so long as remained in the kart until assistance arrived.

I was then allowed to use the kart and after a few minutes I was rounding a bend when the grip on the tyres of the kart did not seem adequate causing me to skid, spin out of control and hit a stack of tyres surrounding the track.

I felt an immediate pain in my lower back due to the kart crash and shouted to the assistant to get me out of the kart and helmet as I felt slightly dizzy and uncomfortable.

Once out of the kart I tried to place my foot firmly on the floor and felt a pain in my right ankle. A worker at the kart centre offered me a drink, but I requested first aid. The first aider examined me and said that my ankle and back were fine so I was given the opportunity to get back in the go-kart.

I explained what had happened to the kart and when the kart was examined I heard a member of staff say that the tyres on my kart were very worn and I was offered another go kart.

When I got into the new kart I couldn’t control the vehicle as my right foot could not press the accelerator down firmly enough so I got out and waited until my friends had finished by which time I was my back and neck were causing me a lot of pain.

One of my friends took me to hospital in Birmingham, my ankle was x rayed and I was diagnosed with a fractured right ankle and a strained lumbar spine.

Can I claim compensation for my kart crash injuries?

Accident claim solicitor response

The go kart business owe a duty of care to keep you safe whilst on the premises (under public liability and occupiers liability) and it seems from what you describe that this duty was breached for the following reasons:

1. You were not given sufficient instruction prior to using the go kart and were not warned of the dangers involved.

2. The go kart provided was not maintained to a correct standard such that the tyres were too worn causing you to lose control of the vehicle which caused the kart crash.

3. The protection surrounding the track seemed sufficient to ensure you did not leave the track in the event of a crash, but it seems that the tyres did not absorb the impact so as to prevent harm to your person – in this case your ankle and back. You also specifically asked about the dangers and were told that you would be protected in the event of a crash which was clearly not the case.

Given the particular circumstances of your claim I believe you would have a kart crash claim for your injuries and direct financial losses – such as lost income, medical expenses, etc.

How much compensation can you claim for a kart crash?

To determine how much compensation you can claim for your kart crash injuries, such as a fractured ankle and back strain – your solicitor will instruct a medical expert (orthopaedic surgeon) who would examine you and look at your hospital and GP notes and set out in a report the exact nature of your injuries together with how long it is likely for you to recover from your symptoms.

Based upon this report the amount of compensation you can claim can be calculated by your solicitor – to see some of how much compensation you can claim for all manner of kart crash injuries click kart crash compensation amounts.