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Testimonials And Client Comments

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    Site Visitor / Accident Victim Testimonials

    Broken Displaced Colles Wrist Fracture

    Broken Displaced Colles Wrist Fracture: Expert Legal Advice Constance Kirby from Downham Market, Norfolk on 20.04.2022 I needed some expert legal advice on trying to make a personal injury claim against the Council. I am so impressed with the advice given to me from Kevin Bolton , very informative and he listened to all of […]

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    Motorbike Accident

    Motorbike Accident: Massive Thank You For An Excellent Service Ian Carter from Northampton on 14.04.2022 I had a motorbike accident almost 3 years ago. I had received a county court claim form from the other person who was involved in the accident. I spoke to my insurance who told me I had to get a […]

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    Knowledgeable Solicitor

    Knowledgeable Solicitor Free Legal Help J Smith from the North East of England on 11.03.2022 Kevin, was very knowledgeable and, although he couldn’t help me on this occasion, he suggested various other avenues that may be beneficial. Many thanks.

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    Help With Legal Issue

    Help With Legal Issue Keith from Middlesex on 17.02.2022 Spoke to a really nice man on the phone, helped / advised me as much as he could with my legal issue.

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    Car Accident Damages Compensation

    Car Accident Damages Compensation: Friendly Professional Solicitor Help Rebecca from Liverpool on 09.02.2022 Great service, told me exactly what I needed to know. Friendly and professional, would recommend.

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    Jogger Accident

    Jogger Accident: The Best Advice For Free YYT from London on 09.02.2022 A jogger had run in front of my car and didn’t seem injured. In panic I drove away without thinking that I need to stop. I later realized that I made a mistake and wanted to know if I could remedy it. I […]

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    Council Worker Damages

    Council Worker Damages: Solicitor Help Service Highly Recommended Carl Johnson from Skelmersdale on 01.02.2022 Re council worker damages. A big thank you for the legal advice Kevin. Would highly recommend this company

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    Son’s Injury Claim

    Helpful, Professional & Honest Solicitor Advice For My Son’s Injury Claim Kelvin from London on 27.02.2022 Kevin is a very professional and honest solicitor, he has given me many helpful legal advice on my son’s injury. I would highly recommend him to anyone who would need legal help on an accident claim. Child Injury Claims […]

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    Bar Injury Claim

    Bar Injury Claim Lorenzo from Cambridge on 06.12.2021 Recently I was a victim of a criminal injury while at a bar. Despite my accident isn’t worth a claim, Kevin took the time to explain to me very clearly all the various options and also sent me a detailed email with plenty of information. Now I […]

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    Reassuring Solicitor Help

    Thorough, Fluent, Easy To Understand, Reassuring Solicitor Help Keith from Lymington, Hampshire on 18.10.2021 Spoke directly to Kevin, despite going through a tough situation (hence enquiring) this was hands down one of the most thorough, fluent, easy to understand, and reassuring explanations to my claim I’ve ever have the pleasure of witnessing! He put me […]

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