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Accident Victim Testimonials

Injury Compensation Grays Essex

Injury Compensation Grays Essex: Outstanding Service Louis Barnes from Grays, Essex, England on 04-07-2018: “Called Kevin for advice on my claim. He answered in full minus the jargon and let me know what my next steps are! Polite, Effective and Confidential! Thanks!”

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Car Accident Claim St Albans

Car Accident Claim St Albans Louis from St Albans, Hertfordshire, UK on 11.06.2018: “Kevin explained the whole process I was going through with a car accident claim in a way that was easy to understand and advised on some viable options for me to deal with the issues I am currently experiencing. Very knowledgeable and […]

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Accident Claim Taunton

Accident Claim Taunton: Invaluable Information D. Pearce from Taunton, Somerset on 05.06.2018 “I found Kevin Bolton to be very informative and helpful, I would certainly recommend him to anyone I know, if needed. He has helped me more than he will probably realise. I tried citizens advice first, but could not manage to speak to […]

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Roundabout Road Accident London

Roundabout Road Accident London Raghbir Singh from London, UK on 01.06.2018 “Kevin Bolton gave me helpful and informative advice today about an accident I had on a roundabout; he spent over 10 minutes explaining the legal situation, knowing I would not be in a position to instruct him due to my insurance cover. I would […]

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Golf Accident Claim Swansea

Golf Accident Claim Swansea: Excellent Telephone Advice Martina Chanter from Swansea, Wales, UK on 31.05.2018: “Kevin gave up 15 minutes of his time to explain my options on claiming compensation and give his advice on what to do next following a golf accident. I have no hesitation in recommending Kevin.”

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Bicycle Accident Claim Romford

Bicycle Accident Claim Romford Zoe R from Romford, East London on 20.04.18 “Kevin called me back soon after I left a message and was really helpful in giving some advice about a bicycle accident my husband was in, he didn’t try to be pushy about anything. On the same day I’d also called National Accident […]

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Rear End RTA Doncaster

Rear End RTA Doncaster Anthony Edwards from Doncaster on 18.04.2018 “I was involved in a rear end RTA and was contacted two years later about a personal injury claim. I contacted Kevin and in just a few minutes he gave me some sound advice and put me completely at ease, thank you Kevin.“

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Car Accident Cumbria

Car Accident Cumbria: Great Independent RTA Claim Advice Rebecca from Cumbria on 25.02.2018: “I was involved in a car accident and was given really good advice from Kevin. Real genuine man – happy to help even though he couldn’t take on my claim. He gave his advice free of charge. I was at a crossroad […]

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Injury Compensation Claim Colchester

Injury Compensation Claim Colchester: Specialist Solicitor Guidance Jane from Colchester, Essex on 06.04.2018: “Excellent advice given in clear terms and very easy to understand. I am so glad called and was shocked that Kevin himself called back so quickly. Such a shame I did not come across your website 2 years ago as it would […]

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Hit And Run Road Accident Claim Peterborough Cambridgeshire

Hit And Run Road Accident Claim Peterborough Mya G from Peterborough, Cambridgeshire on 29.03.2018: “I finally have clear and concise information regarding a hit and run road accident which took place 19 months ago. I have just spoken to Kevin and been given very specific advice as to how to proceed further with my claim. […]

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