Holiday Accident Portugal

Geoffrey Williams from Birmingham On 30.11.2023

I contacted Kevin Bolton as my wife had recently fell in Portugal and we believe it was the fault of the local Council. Kevin was very helpful and explained I should have Legal cover within our existing travel insurance. This is indeed the case and we have subsequently put wheels in motion to take advantage of this support.

Kevin also suggested some useful ideas including keeping a diary since the accident of any issues experienced.

Many thanks

Things To Remember Should You Have An Accident On Holiday In Portugal

Only certain types of holiday accident in Portugal can be traced back to the UK jurisdiction to make a claim. This will often permit the use of a solicitor from the UK.

Two significant examples, include: package holiday claims and European road accidents causing serious injury.

Howsoever your accident is caused – you should check your holiday insurance for legal protection cover. This may fund the coast of UK or overseas solicitor to help you make your personal injury claim.