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Portugal Law Firms: How to claim compensation from the UK for injuries in Portugal and how to find English speaking Portuguese law firms

This page will help you in your search for law firms in Portugal with English speaking lawyers by providing links to the website’s of Portuguese legal firms and to the British Embassy website in Portugal – where a help facility is available to aid you in your search.

When can you claim from the UK for an accident in Portugal?

Portugal law firms

Portugal Lawyers

Certain types of claim for compensation following an accident in Portugal can be made from the UK using a specialist European accident solicitor, which include: package holiday claims, European road traffic accidents and aircraft accidents.

How do you find an English speaking Portuguese lawyer when you claim cannot be made from the UK?

If your claim cannot be made from the UK – you will need the assistance of an English speaking Portuguese lawyer.

This website can assist in your search for an appropriate lawyer or alternatively you can use one of the links below:
British Embassy In Portugal – Law Firms With English Speaking Lawyers

The British Embassy based in Lisbon, Portugal has a list of law firms with English Speaking lawyers you can search through for legal advice.

Portuguese Law Society

The Portuguese law society can provide assistance in locating the best lawyer to contact to help with your legal problem.

Specialist solicitor online help following an accident in Portugal

If you have been involved in an accident in Portugal and wish to determine if you can claim from the UK or require a Portuguese lawyer click Portugal Law Firms to access this website’s free online legal help and assistance.