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We provide free legal help – so what exactly does this mean?

In this article you will discover whether we do in actual fact provide free legal help, the types of help we provide, how much you would ordinarily pay for this kind of help, what you can expect if you seek our help, what happens if you wish to make a claim, what is the client’s best interest and a financial relationship, why is a funding arrangement necessary to run a personal injury claim, what happens if your claim is outside of our legal jurisdiction or is a claim unrelated to personal injury. Plus access our free legal help if you have suffered a personal injury.

We do provide free legal help and assistance in relation to personal injury matters, which is our area of expertise, Our motives for providing this service are based on our founder’s ethos following a childhood accident, which is best described in the about us section of our website.

Remember – we provide free help and assistance, which consists primarily of legal information and should not be confused with free legal advice.

We appreciate that many of the testimonials left about our service refer to advice. We do not change the wording of testimonials – but we always make it clear to all users of our service that we are not providing legal advice.

The free legal help we provide is for the benefit of personal injury victims and their families.

We aim to answer your legal questions immediately, help assess the likelihood of success of your potential personal injury claim, give practical guidance on what you should do after an accident and help you understand the compensation claim process.

We take and return phone calls; offer a solicitor callback service; provide access to our online personal injury claim guides and compensation calculators for all manner of bodily / psychological injury. We further help online enquirers via our contact form, which might entail a solicitor callback or an email response.

Our aim is to help take away the stress and confusion of those involved in an accident – we set out full details in our accident claim expert solicitors mission.

Look out – we are often contacted by solicitors and barristers wishing to understand personal injury law in more detail and students studying law. Our free legal help is designed for the benefit of accident victims only not to help legal professionals with their own cases. 

How much would you normally pay a solicitor for this type of help?

Our founder, Kevin Bolton, has over 20-years-experience as a specialist personal injury solicitor. This level of expertise would normally attract a solicitor charge rate of a minimum of £300 per hour and over £500 per hour in London. Many law firms would uplift this charge to effectively double the hourly rate

Instead, we have decided to act as a legal consultancy – providing this legal help free of charge to you and other members of the public who suffer injury.

What happens when you make contact with us?

Most of the time you will have your questions answered immediately and may choose go away contented with the information received.

See our testimonial section to see what people are saying about us or see the reviews left on Google.

Other times you may wish to make a claim, but with our help discover that you have some form of legal protection cover. With our guidance you may determine it is more cost effective to use the insurance panel solicitor to help with your claim.

Alternatively – we may assess that you have reasonable chances of winning a claim for personal injury compensation and you wish to move forward with your claim with a solicitor.

personal injury solicitor free legal help
Personal Injury Solicitor Free Legal Help

What happens if you wish to move forward with a personal injury claim?

As we operate as a personal injury solicitor consultancy – we do not make claims ourselves, but we are in contact with a select number of experienced solicitors who can help with your claim.

If we feel there is sufficient merit in your claim – we are happy to put you in touch with an appropriate experienced solicitors. Who is the most appropriate solicitor will depend on the type of personal injury claim, the location of where your accident occurred and the injury you have sustained.

We will provide you with the solicitors’ details or, with your permission, we may transfer your call direct to the solicitors that can help. Our system does not reveal your number to any third party, so only if you are happy with the solicitors you are speaking to will you yourself provide any of your contact details. There Is no pressure.

Whichever way we put you in touch with another personal injury solicitor – we do not provide your contact details. See our privacy article for fuller details as to how your data is secured.

To assist in the progress of your potential claim – we may provide the appropriate solicitor with a brief description of your accident circumstances (including a name) – based on our phone conversation or online exchange.

What is a financial relationship?

We may or may not have a financial relationship with some of the solicitors whose details we provide.

Be assured – our prime objective is to assist in your interest first and foremost.

A financial relationship means – that in certain instances if the appropriate solicitor assesses your claim as having good prospects of success (following discussions with you); the claim proceeds and/or your claim proves to be successful – we may receive a fee from that solicitor.

The solicitor running your claim will provide you with details at the commencement of your claim if any potential fee sums could be coming our way, so you will have specific knowledge.

You should know – on many occasions we provide details of appropriate solicitors and receive no fees whatsoever, even if your claim is successful.

On occasion we may not have the details of an appropriate solicitor that can help with your particular matter. In these instances – we will explain how you can find an appropriate solicitor direct if this is in your best interest.

Take note – we will do our best to put you in contact with an appropriate solicitor even if your claim is not a personal injury matter.

Why is a funding arrangement necessary to run your personal injury claim?

The solicitors we put you in contact with are entirely separate to us and must therefore undergo their own initial assessment of the chances of your claim succeeding. This initial assessment is free of charge (unless agreed with you in advance to the contrary – which is extremely rare).

If it is agreed your claim is to proceed – a funding arrangement, such as a no win no fee / conditional fee agreement, will be discussed, agreed and put in place.

Be aware – by law a solicitor cannot make a personal injury claim on your behalf unless a funding arrangement is first put in place. This is because lawyers of themselves cannot promote litigation by making a claim without a legally recognised funding arrangement.

If your accident is outside of our legal jurisdiction of England and Wales or an area of law outside of our expertise – the amount of help we can provide is limited. We may still be able to provide you with the details of a lawyer from the correct legal jurisdiction or area of law. In some instances you may prefer if that lawyer gets in touch with you. To this end some contact details might be shared in accordance with our privacy policy.

Any sums that may be due to us can vary and the lawyer concerned will follow the guidelines of that jurisdiction and/or area of law for notifying you of any sums that may be payable to ourselves.

Remember – determining when your claim may be subject to a different legal jurisdiction than England and Wales is addressed in our overseas accident article.

See our specialist solicitor help options to ask a question, have your claim assessed or request a solicitor callback.